Your Whistle-stop tour of Digital Revolution Live: now on demand

Your Whistle-stop tour of Digital Revolution Live: now on demand

How to adapt to the new way of working

Imagine you’re in a room with your peers. You’re in the company of some of the brightest and most experienced minds in technology and business. You’re with people who have gone through similar challenges to you, and they’re answering the BIG questions.

Questions like, what are the priorities for business leaders? Where does IT go from here? How do you foster an engaged workforce, and what does the modern workplace look like?

With Digital Revolution Live, you are in the room. With over 20 on-demand sessions to choose from, there’s something for everyone, and it won’t cost you a penny. And while we touch on the bumpy ride that has been 2020, the emphasis is very much on looking forward.

Digital Revolution Live is about navigating the future with agility and confidence. It’s about equipping you with expert insights and the knowledge to make informed decisions. It’s about adapting. And above all, it’s about seizing the opportunities – opportunities we believe exist for you.

Here, we take a whistle-stop tour of our online event and point you to stuff we made earlier to whet your appetite. And while you’ll pick up oodles of advice on strategy, digital transformation, and cyber security, it’s all in the context of your human beings. Because whatever your direction of travel, it’s vital you take your people with you.

If you’d like to get straight to it, you can watch Digital Revolution Live here.


Digital Revolution Live in a nutshell

Helping ambitious organisations – and your people – to thrive

Digital Revolution Live tackles all the contemporary challenges you and your peers are contending with. These include tech for remote working, how to engage your people, modernise your apps, improve your business processes and harden your cybersecurity. And so much more, but we did say ‘nutshell’.

Every session from the event is broken into digestible pieces averaging 20-minutes.

So, you can fit what you’d like to learn into your day and keep coming back for more! For your complimentary all-access pass, all you need do is register for Digital Revolution Live here.


Helping business leaders and managers like you to revolutionise your workplace

Pause, reflect, breathe …

It’s been a hang on to your hats kind of year, hasn’t it? As working life as we know it turned upside down, the challenges flowed thick and fast. COVID tested our resilience, our leadership, and our people; the self-same people who were often facing tremendous difficulties in their personal lives, too.

And how did we – indeed how are we now, responding to these challenges? Almost universally, technology is playing a central role, especially in how we communicate and collaborate. If you found your tech wanting, don’t be too hard on yourself – you belong to a large and indiscriminating club, which includes several household names that might surprise you.

Now, a few months into the pandemic, most organisations are functioning differently. Working practices, having been thrown in the air, landed somewhere in one fashion or another. Perhaps you adopted Teams and SharePoint, you’re accelerating your migration to the cloud, or you’re building a hybrid workplace.

And maybe you’ve accumulated some technical debt and need to revisit important stuff, like governance, compliance and DLP (Data Loss Protection). Then there are the cultural and change management bits. How do you ensure parity across your remote workforce – people with multiple personas – and maintain a sense of belonging?


There was cake and our canine mascot, Fidget.


The Stellar Cast of Digital Revolution Live

Our diverse line-up includes guest speakers from Microsoft, McLaren, the Ministry of Justice, the Design Council, the NSPCC, ECI Partners, EFKB, Mott MacDonald, InfraRed Capital Partners and Vail Williams.

You’ll also be in the company of:

  • Former cabinet advisor, lawyer and the driving force behind Content+Cloud; our spirited CEO, Peter Sweetbaum.
  • Microsoft’s pragmatic and super cool CFO, and the chair of its crisis management team, Paul Benjamin.
  • The inspirational Stef Reid, Paralympian and five-time world record holder.
  • Three Microsoft MVPs (Microsoft Most Valued Professionals) and over a dozen specialists spanning the Microsoft 365 technology suite, Azure and AI.
  • Tim Wallis, the founder of Content and Code and now Chief Digital Officer of Content+Cloud.
  • Two of the UK’s foremost authorities on cyber security.
  • Leading lights in internal comms, digital workplaces, and modern intranets.
  • HR and change management specialists, and business psychologist Wendy Kendall.

And not forgetting our supporting cast member and social media star – Fidget the wonder dog.


The backstory to Digital Revolution Live

And why over 350 of you joined us

As a B2B tech specialist with a varied client base, we’ve seen close-up the impact of the pandemic on the private, public, and third sectors. But despite the diversity of our customers, in the early weeks of lockdown no. 1. we were answering similar questions daily.

We knew that with our unique insights and helicopter view, we were ideally placed to help a wider audience. And we wanted to do so in practical and accessible ways. It started with our COVID-19 Support Hub – free resources to help organisations operate effectively during the lockdown.

And now we’re finding many business heads and managers are keen to swap notes with their peers and find new strategies for the way ahead. All of which inspired us to launch Digital Revolution Live – a virtual salad bar of keynote speeches, talks by subject matter experts, and roundtables for you to browse.

And over 350 of you watched a cast of thought leaders from across the spheres of business, technology, cyber, elite sports and psychology. If you didn’t make it, we missed you, but you can still bring your salad box and pick whatever takes your fancy – click here for your all access pass.


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Technology for modernising your workplace

How’s your enforced hibernation been? Do you have a beard to rival Tom Hanks in Castaway? Has your dog, in common with Fidget, never been happier?

At Digital Revolution Live, we talked a lot about the technologies for developing a hybrid workplace; a digital and physical environment which empowers your people to do their best work.

And we gave a flavour of some of the most transformative tech – like Microsoft Power Apps, which is helping organisations save money and realise greater efficiencies.

In the run-up to the event, we published a blog series on a few of the topics we planned to cover, which you can browse below:

And if any of these topics float your boat, we recommend you explore Digital Revolution Live’s technology strategy agenda for more goodies.  


Nailing internal communication and collaboration

Day two of Digital Revolution Live switched to the human stuff – like how to maintain that all-important sense of belonging and connectedness with your people. While we see technology as the great enabler, we never forget there are beating hearts on the other end, which is why things like user adoption, accessibility and change management are crucial.

And science proves the value of the psychology; a disenfranchised workforce means lower productivity and higher churn.

But with so many different comms and collaboration tools available, people are often unclear on the best platform to use for any given circumstances. If this is you, then feast your eyes on our handy graphic:


And you might enjoy these blogs we published in the countdown to Digital Revolution Live:

And for more people, tech and cyber insights, explore Digital Revolution Live’s Business Strategy agenda here.


How to improve your cyber security

Perspective Risk – a Content+Cloud company – is independently recognised as the ‘Best Penetration Testing Specialists in England’. We were joined by the co-founder of Perspective Risk, Pravesh Kara, alongside Luke Kiely, cybercrime Obi-Wan Kenobi and the head of our Cyber Security Operations Centre.

Among the most eye-popping sessions of Digital Revolution Live were:

  • You versus the cyber threat – how do you win?
  • How to stay ahead of the cybercriminals.

Our popular duo presented on both days; you can watch the above sessions here: Digital Revolution Live on-demand.

And we caught up with Prav and Luke beforehand and asked them for their top tips on how to keep your organisation safe as cybercrime explodes. Four Ways COVID is Undermining Your Security.

And if you enjoyed these blogs, we have a lot more planned! So, don’t miss out on future insights – subscribe here and stay up to date with all the latest cyber news.


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