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The age of digital transformation has truly arrived and the way we work has changed for good. With the rise of remote and hybrid working models, keeping teams connected is more important than ever.

What is digital transformation?

Put simply, digital transformation is the process of implementing digital technologies within your business to change or modify your operations for the better.

But there is more to digital transformation than the technology itself. How you implement these technologies and manage the inevitable changes to processes, operations and people can make or break your business’ digital transformation in the long-term.

Why kickstart your digital transformation journey?

Digital transformation is the key to modernising your business. Kickstarting or progressing your digital revolution holds benefits on many levels. These benefits can ensure your organisation works effectively and futureproofs its operations to become as reactive and agile as possible in the face of change.

Boost productivity 

The right technologies can speed up processes, helping your people to identify and cut out unnecessary tasks to work smarter and more efficiently.  

Increase revenue 

Technologies such as the cloud have the potential to remove your reliance on outdated and expensive on-premise infrastructure. They can also open the way to more elastic, on-demand pricing models, which, in turn, can result in cost reductions and higher return on investment. 

Enjoy a more engaged customer base  

Digital transformation can lead the way to higher engagement with your customer base. Improving the management of and access to data and twinning this with AI can enable your business to personalise and better target your communications.  

Improve your responsiveness 

Better customer engagement through digital transformation can enable your business to respond more quickly to the evolving needs and preferences of your clients and prospects. 

Leverage the limitless power of data  

Certain technologies can help businesses collect, order, store and share key data among their teams faster and more efficiently. This can lead to decisions informed by real-life scenarios, customer behaviours and developments in the market

Become more agile in the face of change  

Digital transformation can enable your business to become more agile and responsive to change, with the scope for increased insights to better inform your continual improvement strategy. 

Revolutionise knowledge management   

Business which embrace the power of the cloud can truly overhaul their knowledge management approach for the better. Improve knowledge management across hybrid or remote workforces by consolidating assets in the cloud. Establish a single point of access through a digital workplace and a single source of truth for your people with technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva Topics

Enhance employee experience for a more content workforce  

Digital transformation can open doors for businesses to better understand and improve the experiences their people have on a daily basis – whether they work at home, at the office or a mixture of both. Put everything your people need right where they need it with Microsoft Teams. Learn from behaviours, working patterns and feedback with technologies such as Microsoft Viva. Invest in the improvement of employee experience by introducing external learning and wellbeing platforms into the Teams interface.  

The pillars of a successful digital transformation

A successful digital revolution is about more than just the technologies you implement. It’s an ongoing process requiring planning, preparation and involvement from key people and teams across all levels of your business.

The core elements of successful digital transformation are:

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How to sustain your digital transformation

As we move into a world of hybrid working, we are seeing constant change in the business landscape. You may have begun your efforts to become a truly digital-first business, but how do you maintain that momentum? Our guide explores an alternative approach to traditional IT management – the evergreen mindset.

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Revolutionise your digital landscape

Digital transformation covers a wide range of topics. From the technologies you use, to knowledge management, to your cyber security strategy. We’ve put together a series of blogs which cover from all angles. Hear from our tech experts on which technologies you should be paying attention to and how to kickstart your digital transformation journey.

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