Microsoft 365 digital insights that will drive value for your organisation

Microsoft 365 digital insights from Content+Cloud give you a detailed analytical view of your chosen solutions. We’ll empower you to create actionable insights, accelerating results and value for your business and stakeholders.

Your need for greater Microsoft 365 insights and foresight

The pace of technological change gives your organisation unprecedented opportunities. Microsoft cloud technologies are redefining the modern workplace and how you interact with customers. That pace, though, also brings challenges.

Today, enterprise IT needs to be as elastic and on-demand as the Microsoft cloud itself. Your services need to be able to respond to the volume and velocity of new or changed services as soon as Microsoft delivers them.

Understand and optimise with Microsoft 365 digital insights

Content+Cloud’s Microsoft 365 digital insights service gives you a core capability to develop actionable insights and deliver results and value more quickly to business and IT stakeholders. We’ll give you tailored analysis and recommendations based on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap and Office 365 Message Centre, enabling you to prioritise and deliver updated services to your users quickly and as required.

Clear analytics and advice to maximise ROI

Digital insights are all about driving value. We’ll provide detailed reports on adoption and usage of your solutions so you can optimise for your workforce. We’ll also provide alerts and proactive advice on Microsoft 365 releases, updates and health. You’ll always ready for what’s coming next.

Service owner

We’ll assign a dedicated Microsoft 365 service owner to your account. Your service owner will provide weekly insights reporting and analysis, and monthly roadmap reporting and analysis, via meetings and a dedicated Teams channel to key stakeholders.

The metrics that matter to you

With digital insights you can fully customise your KPI data values to align with your specific business requirements. All of your business-critical data is visualised within Power BI and easily shared with key stakeholders across any location or device.

Your trusted partner in digital transformation

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 16 Gold competencies, Content+Cloud provides support services that are anchored in Microsoft expertise. We’ll work with you to unlock the power of the cloud for your organisation.

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What digital insights for Microsoft 365 includes

Content+Cloud’s digital insights service includes activities and resources designed to give you a comprehensive view of how your digital transformation is progressing, while enabling your IT team to plan for, and respond to, changes in Microsoft 365.

Supported by one of our Microsoft 365 service owners, digital insights will empower you with support in four key areas.

Change and release management

  • Monthly summary and weekly reporting and analysis, tailored to your organisation
  • Advice on important official updates through Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap
  • Up to 12 meetings a year with your service owner

Advisory and communication

  • Weekly summary report and daily alerts from the Microsoft 365 Message Centre and Service Health Dashboard
  • Analysis of the potential impact of major updates, such as productivity, storage, incidents and new services

Analytics and insights

  • Ongoing advice and guidance to internal stakeholders to shape decision-making
  • Customised dashboard reporting on how technology and licences are being used
  • Review of Productivity Score Dashboard
  • Monthly summary report and meeting on adoption KPIs

Service assurance

  • Microsoft 365 health dashboard reporting
  • Technology briefings
  • Review of technology governance and management best practices
  • Collaboration governance
  • Open Teams channel to key stakeholders for advice and guidance
  • Runbooks for technical operations

End-to-end support with insights for Microsoft 365

If you’re just beginning to consider how Microsoft 365 can drive your digital transformation, Content+Cloud can provide professional consultancy on service design. We’ll work with you to set a target operating model and map out a journey that’s guided by expert insights and analysis.

We also offer user adoption, business change management and Microsoft 365 support services to help you make the most of your investment in the cloud.

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