Meet our Microsoft MVPs: Anoop Tatti

Meet our Microsoft MVPs: Anoop Tatti

Microsoft MVP Profile 

Anoop Tatti is a Development Architect at Content+Cloud and has been with us for over four years. In November 2021, he was awarded MVP status in the Office Development Services category. 

Anoop’s journey to MVP status    

Anoop started his career as a SharePoint developer in his home country, India. In 2011, he moved Scotland to pursue a course in management.  

He has since been working in Microsoft consultancy firms on SharePoint projects across all phases – from requirements gathering to delivery. 

Where you can follow Anoop   

  • Anoop regularly writes blogs for SharePoint Europe and on Medium 
  • He also creates demo videos for the Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel.  
  • Anoop can also be found speaking at Microsoft conferences and user groups.  
  • Stay up to date with the latest news from Anoop via Twitter – @anooptells 


Quickfire Q&A with Microsoft MVP Anoop Tatti 

What does being a Microsoft MVP mean to you?  

Being an MVP means a lot to me. I understand the importance of learning, helping, and sharing within the Microsoft community. I’m always excited about learning and understanding concepts around Microsoft 365.  

Most importantly, I’m passionate about sharing my findings with the community. I’ve been doing that for a few years and now being an MVP helps me to take that to the next level – to learn more, help more and share more.   

How does being a Microsoft MVP help your work at Content+Cloud?  

Although I only recently achieved MVP status, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with various other MVPs and attend product group calls. The conversations from those have helped me understand and plan the points to consider in future for the projects that I’m working on.  

These interactions with the product group also allow me to relay customers’ feedback to Microsoft and address the specific needs of clients.  

Which Microsoft products do you enjoy working with the most?  

I’m very interested in the development of Microsoft Office products, especially SharePoint and Teams. I love working on projects using SharePoint Framework.  

On the developer team at Content+Cloud, we’ve delivered many projects to our clients that have been developed using SharePoint Framework, and we’ve contributed many projects to the open-source community.   

How do you contribute to the Microsoft community?  

The PnP (Patterns and Practices) community provides a lot of ways to contribute. There are a lot of code repositories on GitHub maintained by the PnP team, to which I submit my contributions. Apart from that I actively take part in the community calls by demonstrating and explaining the contributions made.  

We record these calls and make them available to watch on YouTube. I also write blog articles related to SharePoint on Medium and for SharePoint Europe.  

I participate in community discussions at user group events such as the Microsoft 365 UK user groupMicrosoft 365 Chicago user group and the UK Power Community. 

What is your favourite thing about the Microsoft community?  

There are many aspects I like about the community. I particularly like and appreciate how community members are so helpful, passionate and forthcoming about offering up their knowledge. The insights this provides and the encouragement this offers only makes me want to contribute and share even more. 

If I’m facing certain issues or need help with a problem that I’m stuck on, then I can reach out to the community and get the solution I need with all the details. The community is always there to help its members, hence the motto ‘sharing is caring’. 

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