Meet our Microsoft MVPs: Jason Wynn

Meet our Microsoft MVPs: Jason Wynn

MVP Profile 

Jason Wynn has been a Principal Technology Strategist at Content+Cloud since 2019. He has achieved MVP status for a fourth year running in the Office Apps and Services category. 


Jason’s journey to MVP status 

Originally hailing from the US, Jason got his start in the IT industry working in Microsoft’s post room in Dallas, Texas and later became a customer support engineer.  

In 2002, he moved to the UK and has held roles with companies such as Vodafone, BT, and Computacenter before joining the Content+Cloud team. 


Where you can follow Jason 

  • Jason runs the All About 365 podcast with Steve Goodman, his Content+Cloud colleague and fellow MVP.  
  • He also runs the Microsoft Cloud User Group and regularly speaks at Microsoft events.  
  • Jason regularly blogs for Petri and Practical 365 on subjects such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365. 
  • Stay up to date with the latest news from Jason via Twitter – @jaywynn

Quickfire Q&A with Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn 


What does being a Microsoft MVP mean to you?  

Being a Microsoft MVP is about helping out the community. It’s helping people who are trying to learn more around the Microsoft future state, the Microsoft ways of working and bringing it all together. Being an MVP is really about how you help people out, providing technical authority, and how you actually manage to pull that information together for people that want to know more. 


How does being an MVP help your work at Content+Cloud? 

As MVPs, we work within the community, but we also work within Microsoft itself. Being able to work closely with the project teams and programme teams within Microsoft allows us to make inroads into understanding what the roadmap is. Or, at times, even influencing what the roadmap may look like.  

We are the foremost experts of what’s going on. We have the ability to understand how Microsoft is going to be moving forward and how they are going to achieve it. We understand what type of advancements they’re going to have ahead of public knowledge. 


Which Microsoft products do you enjoy working with the most? 

I was one of the first globally awarded Microsoft Teams MVPs so, Teams is where my heart sits. But I have a big interest in how things are working within Teams in such a way that allows people to work in a hybrid capacity. I assist people on how to make things better for users to be able to work in a collaborative way.  

As an example, I’ve got a Microsoft Teams Room system which I’m using from day to day. It allows me to attend all of my conferences and meetings while working from home. I’m still able to be productive within these meetings despite joining remotely.  

One of the things I enjoy the most is actually understanding the physical hardware, how things work with Microsoft and Microsoft Teams Rooms, and ensuring that we could supply those same advancing technologies to our customers. 


How do you contribute to the Microsoft community? 

I run the Microsoft Cloud User Group and we hold events in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. I regularly do up to two to three speaking engagements a month. For example, I recently spoke at both Commsverse and the South Coast Summit, the latter was done completely hybrid as I joined my colleagues remotely. I co-host a podcast with Steve Goodman (All About 365), a fellow MVP for Content+Cloud.  

I regularly write for Petri and Practical 365 blogs on Microsoft Teams and Office 365 It’s about how we bring things together within Microsoft 365, and how we help people out – outside of Content+Cloud – that really impacts the wider community. 


What is your favourite thing about the Microsoft community? 

I’ve been a Microsoft MVP now for four years, so I’ll be entering my fifth year this year, and I love it. I love being part of the community and the larger groups. For me, it’s really rewarding on a personal level, probably even moreso than a business level. 

The Microsoft MVP Summit is when we get a chance to sit down with the teams from Microsoft and get their feedback. While it might be quite greedy, one of the biggest things that I get out of being part of summit is to be able to go and learn from those teams.  

I also enjoy going over to Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, sitting down with the teams and understanding what they’re planning on doing and how they plan on working for the next 12 months. We’ve been able to do this virtually for the last two years, and I like to think that, sooner or later, we’ll be able sit down with the teams and do those things physically all over again and be part of the bigger community within Microsoft. 

It’s great to take that information and understand how it corresponds to our own customers’ needs and requirements to be able to influence Microsoft’s roadmap. For example, we may have a customer that requires a particular way of working, so we would feed back to Microsoft and influence how that’s going to happen in the near future. Alternatively, we can help them build the technology and requirements into Microsoft technologies going forward.  

I also quite enjoy doing the speaking engagements, whether it’s based in the US or based out of the UK. It’s been keeping me busy! It’s quite rewarding to be able to do those things and assist the community.  

At Content+Cloud, we have some of the foremost experts in Microsoft Teams working to help businesses like yours get the fullest value from it and transform how their people work. Find out more and get in touch to discuss your Teams implementation here. 

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