What’s new in M365? February 2023 Roadmap highlights

What’s new in M365? February 2023 Roadmap highlights

Each month, our M365 PACE experts take a look at what’s on the cards for the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Here are the key developments coming up in February that you need to know about. 


External file request in SharePoint Document Library

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 103625) 

From later this month, users will be able to create file requests in the SharePoint Document Library. This will enable you to create a folder for others to upload files using a link you can send them. People from whom you request files can only upload files to this folder – they won’t be able to view, edit, delete or download its contents, including any uploaded by other users. 

When you send a link requesting a file upload, the recipient will only be able to see the request message with the option to select their files, and a confirmation message once the upload is complete. 

Screenshots of messages showing file request, upload and confirmation messages. Credit: Microsoft.


For Microsoft 365 admins, you can find out more about enabling file requests in SharePoint or OneDrive on Microsoft Learn.  

Microsoft Stream: create, view and share playlists

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 109564) 

Launching at the end of this month, Microsoft 365 users will be able to organise video and audio files into playlists, making it easy to organise, share and playback.  

Any video or audio files that you have access to can be arranged in a playlist. You can share playlists with other users; anyone that has access will be able to view the files in order or skip between them.  

Screenshot showing a playlist being created in Microsoft Lists. Credit: Microsoft.


Stream playlists are built and accessed via Microsoft Lists and can use Lists’ other capabilities. They can also be created via Lists creation flows across Office, SharePoint and Lists. Users can access their playlists from stream.office.com or from the Microsoft Lists home page.  


Outlook web app: Meeting Recap

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 98805) 

A Meeting Recap feature is being rolled out on Outlook on the web towards the end of this month, with full availability expected in May. This feature allows meeting participants to quickly access meeting content such as recordings more easily from their calendar.  

After a meeting has ended, users will be able to find links to meeting content by clicking on the event in their calendar. This supports meetings scheduled using Microsoft Teams, although there are limitations for:  

  • meetings auto-recorded in
  • Teams; 
  • Teams channel meetings; meetings scheduled on group calendars;
  • ad-hoc meetings. 

Screenshot of a calendar event with a meeting recap on Outlook on the web. Credit: Microsoft.


Opening a meeting in the calendar will display a link to content such as recordings, making it easy for users to access relevant files from their calendar.  

Outlook doesn’t store any of the content – it is simply a link that will take you to the selected files. User access and permission to view content remain unchanged and controlled by the file owner. More information is available in Microsoft’s Outlook announcement 


Microsoft Teams: Visio Personal App

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 109596) 

Visio Personal App for Microsoft Teams is beginning its roll-out this month, with full availability expected by mid-April.  

Existing file behaviour remains unchanged but there will be new abilities launching within the Personal App. Microsoft is also launching changes to the UX of the Office ribbon in Teams, providing a less cluttered experience to match Office for the web.  

Visio Personal App will be pre-installed for all users, with new abilities to: 

  • pin the app to the app bar for easy access; 
  • right-click on the app icon to pop out documents in a new window for multi-tasking; 
  • display home page to navigate documents, view recommended files or create files.  

Screenshot of the Visio Personal App in the Microsoft Teams app ribbon. Credit: Microsoft.


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