What’s new in M365? March 2023 Roadmap highlights

What’s new in M365? March 2023 Roadmap highlights

Each month, our M365 PACE experts take a look at what’s on the cards for the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Here are the key developments, including the availability of Microsoft Teams Premium and new features for all Teams users.  


Microsoft Teams Premium

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 100654) 

Microsoft Teams Premium is now available to make your Teams meetings more personalised, intelligent, and secure. We’ll take you through a few of the features: 

  • Intelligent recap 
  • Personalised timeline markers 
  • Live translation 
  • Meeting templates 
  • Branded meetings 

Intelligent recap

Microsoft Teams Premium leverages new AI capabilities through intelligent recap, allowing you to be more productive and focus on tasks that matter. It helps you to cut back on meticulous notetaking, capturing key moments from your meetings by dividing them into sections using AI-generated chapters based on PowerPoint Live.

Screenshot of a Teams meeting with AI-generated chapters. Credit: Microsoft

Personalised timeline markers

This new feature shows you markers when you joined or left a meeting in the recording. It’s only visible to you, so you can quickly click and listen to the parts of the meeting that you missed. Microsoft will also be adding markers to show when your name was mentioned and when someone shares a screen. 

Screenshot of a marker in a Microsoft Teams meeting recording. Credit: Microsoft.

Live translation

Continuing along the theme of AI, Microsoft is leveraging its power to help those working with people who speak different languages. If a meeting organiser has Microsoft Teams Premium, anyone can use live translation for captions in meetings. 

While captions are available in the spoken language, this new feature uses AI-powered real-time translation to provide captions in your chosen language. This will help you to save money and make meetings more productive for everyone.  

Meeting templates

Microsoft Teams Premium gives you the ability to create customised templates for meetings such as client calls, brainstorming sessions or help desk calls. It automatically includes the correct settings for your meeting so that you can avoid cutting into your time, selecting all the relevant meetings options from the default settings. Templates also help you ensure that meetings adhere to best practices and policies set out by your organisation. 

Screenshot showing how to set up a meeting using a template. Credit: Microsoft.

Branded meetings

You can unlock advanced personalisation experiences to give your organisation a professional and unified impact in meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium. Branded meetings let everyone see your logo and branding colours when you join the meeting, ensuring your identity is infused in the meeting itself. 

Screenshot showing branded Microsoft Teams meeting. Credit: Microsoft.


Virtual appointments Teams meeting template in Teams Calendar for external meetings

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 103195) 

New to Microsoft Teams this month, all users have the ability to create an external meeting directly from their calendar using the virtual appointments Teams meeting template. It has all of the basic Teams meeting options, along with custom fields tailored for personalised, external client meetings.  

Your people can easily schedule external meetings without setting up, training or managing new tools. To use the virtual appointments Teams meeting template, simply go to your Teams calendar and select the dropdown menu next to ‘New meeting’ and select ‘Virtual appointment’. 

The template lays out a routine schedule flow with added valuable business-to-customer features, including: 

  • tailored meeting invitation for external guests 
  • ability to join on any device without having to install Teams 
  • pre-appointment lobby for guests  

Screenshot of the Microsoft Teams virtual appointment meeting options. Credit: Microsoft.


Start a Teams chat with distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups, and Microsoft 365 groups

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 62354) 

Another new feature for all Microsoft Teams users – you can now start a Teams chat with distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups and Microsoft 365 groups, within the group chat limit of 250 members. You can use these groups to collaborate, communicate and share organisational knowledge and workflows at scale.  

Teams users can search, select the group and start chatting with members of their groups instantly with this new feature. Admins have the option to disable this capability to chat with groups from the Teams admin centre.  


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