What’s new in M365? November 2022 Roadmap highlights

What’s new in M365? November 2022 Roadmap highlights

Each month, our M365 PACE experts give us their insights into what’s new on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Here are three key announcements you need to know about in November 2022.  

Microsoft Teams: sign language view

Microsoft Roadmap ID 99452 

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new feature to support people that use sign language in meetings. It helps sign language users to prioritise interpreters and other signers by keeping them visible in higher quality video in a static, central location on the meeting stage. Sign language users within your organisation that you meet with regularly, such as interpreters, can be prioritised in all meetings.  

This new feature addresses three key concerns for Deaf and hard-of-hearing users. It: 

  • keeps interpreters and other signers in a static location as people join or leave meetings; 
  • simplifies the meeting joining process with the same sign language and captioning settings applied by default to all meetings; 
  • keeps interpreters and other sign language users visible even when other users share content to their screens. 

Sign language view in a Teams meeting.

In a Teams meeting, sign language view shows designated signers at a larger size, in a static location, on the lower part of centre stage, with a fit-to-frame aspect ratio. The video is higher quality and has low bandwidth scenario support. If content is shared during the meeting, the signers shift but their video remains prioritised in larger view.  

Prioritised sign language user during screen sharing in a meeting.

Sign language view is a personal, user-level setting, so it won’t be shown to the rest of the meeting participants. Users can create a list of people within their organisation to always prioritise. If they choose more than two users, the first two to join the meeting with video will be prioritised. Users will be able set up sign language view in Settings > Accessibility in the Teams desktop app.  

Sign language view settings in the Teams desktop app.

Sign language view in Microsoft Teams is being previewed this month ahead of the general roll out over December and January.  


Microsoft Viva Connections: first look at a new home experience

Microsoft Roadmap ID 99917 

Viva Connections is getting a new desktop experience making it easier and faster to set up and optimise content for a modern employee experience. The Microsoft Viva module’s new desktop design serves as the new home experience, centring essential tasks and personalised content with easy access to other apps in Viva and better alignment with the mobile experience. 

Preview of the new home experience in the Viva Connections desktop app.

In this targeted release, the new home experience uses existing assets from your organisation’s home site and the Viva Connections dashboard, feed and resources.  

If you already have the app set up, you will have the option to choose whether to keep the current desktop experience or switch to the new home experience pre-populated with existing content. If you haven’t set up Viva Connections yet, the default experience will show starter cards but won’t impact the mobile experience. 

The targeted release will be rolled out soon ahead of the general availability of the new home experience in 2023. 


Net Promoter Score (NPS) sentiment insights available to IT administrators

Microsoft Roadmap ID 90493 

For IT administrators, the NPS survey insights dashboard is getting a new feature for sentiments insights per topic. It will allow IT admins to identify the sentiment associated with each available topic, calculated using NPS feedback comments. This new feature will allow you to discover what trending topics users are talking about and understand their feelings around those topics.  

Dashboard showing graphs and charts with topic segments

The sentiment per topic feature will allow IT administrators to identify positive, negative or other sentiments for topics such as change management, collaboration, complexity, navigation, performance, reliability, user education and value. 

You can access this new feature through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center under Health > Product feedback > NPS survey insights tab once it is launched later this month.  


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