Announcing our Sixth Microsoft Advanced Specialisation – Small and Midsize Business Management

Announcing our Sixth Microsoft Advanced Specialisation – Small and Midsize Business Management

Content+Cloud has today earned its sixth Microsoft Advanced Specialisation in Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Management. We are one of only 12 partners in the UK and 25 partners worldwide to achieve this and are the only UK partner to have Advanced Specialisations in Intelligent Cloud (Azure), Modern Workplace and Security, and Business Applications.

Advanced specialisations are only allocated by Microsoft to partners when they have accumulated and demonstrated extensive experience and deep expertise in specific areas.  

These awards provide assurance to existing and prospective clients that the Microsoft partner has a successful track record in implementing Microsoft services or solutions, distinguishing their skills and capabilities in these areas – in this case in small and midsized Business IT services. 


What is the Microsoft Small and Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialisation? 

The Microsoft Small and Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialisation highlights a supplier’s unique ability to provide these types of businesses with effective cloud-based solutions focused around Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

As well as already being recognised as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Content+Cloud has demonstrated extensive knowledge, experience and proven success in providing cloud-based business applications to the small and midsize business market, while meeting the highest standards for service delivery and support. 

Peter Sweetbaum, CEO at Content+Cloud, said:  

“Being awarded the Microsoft Advanced Specialisation in Small and Midsize Business Management is fantastic progress for the Content+Cloud group, and particularly, our SMB centre of excellence at Mirus IT. 

“It is also testimony to the power of our Dynamics Business Central capabilities as a group, bolstered by the specialist knowledge of Mirus, enabling us to support the UK’s SMBs as they adapt to a post-pandemic world. 

“Beyond evidencing the depth and breadth of our technological expertise, this Microsoft specialisation goes one step further to assure SMBs that we understand the unique requirements of their market at this incredibly critical time and can adapt our approach and delivery to achieve the best outcomes for them.” 


SMBs – the backbone of UK enterprise  

SMBs (Small and Midsized Businesses) form a critical part of the UK economy. With six million in operation as of 2020, they comprise 99% of the country’s businesses.  

Driven by the need to adapt quickly to support hybrid and remote workforces and undergo digital transformation, the last two years have proved critical for SMBs.  

To become as agile as possible in the face of change, they are increasingly turning to the cloud. Not only can cloud computing reduce costs for SMBs – from CapEx and office rental fees to OpEx and utility bills – it can also offer seamless collaboration capabilities and increased security and governance over their data.  

In light of this, sourcing experienced, capable and reliable cloud technology partners has never been so important for the UK’s SMBs 


Serving SMBs through our centre of excellence 

At Content+Cloud, we have a particular focus on providing industry leading IT services to this market, channelling operations through our SMB centre of Excellence, Mirus IT. 

With almost 20 years of experience, the multi-award-winning teams at Mirus have a successful track record in delivering comprehensive end-to-end IT support to SMBs, helping them establish and grow their businesses. 


Content+Cloud’s Microsoft partnership 

Content+Cloud is a Microsoft Gold Partner, holding 16 Gold competencies. We continue to be recognised by Microsoft for the quality of our products and services and are one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 Partners 

Following this latest addition, we now hold six Microsoft Advanced Specialisations, spanning all elements of the Microsoft Cloud – Azure, Modern Workplace, Security and Business Applications.  

  • Adoption and Change Management 
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop 
  • Small and Midsize Business Management 
  • Teamwork Deployment 
  • Threat Protection 
  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure 

For more information on the award-winning comprehensive end-to-end support we provide for SMBs, contact our centre of excellence at Mirus IT here.

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