Content+Cloud becomes one of the first partners in the world to trial Windows 365

Content+Cloud becomes one of the first partners in the world to trial Windows 365

At its Inspire event, Microsoft announced that it is bringing Windows to the Cloud with a game-changing product, Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC Content+Cloud

Combining the “power and security of the cloud with the familiarity of the PC” for a consistent and integrated experience, Windows 365 is the world’s first cloud-based PC – a Software as a Service offering.

This means that users will be able to access their dedicated virtual PC on any device, anywhere at any time through the power of the Microsoft Cloud.

As one of Microsoft’s leading Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 partners globally, Content+Cloud was chosen as one of the few businesses in the world to trial the product ahead of its unveiling.


The next generation of Microsoft Windows

Remote technology is more critical than ever before for businesses as they emerge from the pandemic and fully embrace a new era of hybrid working.

Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index, surveying 30,000 respondents across 31 countries, found that 73% of workers want flexible remote work options.

Offering flexibility and functionality from any device, anywhere at any time is no longer advantageous, but essential for businesses. Not only in terms of remaining operational and competitive in the marketplace, but for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Scaling on-demand to meet user needs and streaming from the cloud to company-owned or personal devices, Windows 365 sees Microsoft responding to support the changing needs of businesses.

Coming shortly after its unveiling of Windows 11, all the signs are there Microsoft is focusing heavily on the future and what its products can do to seamlessly usher in the era of hybrid working.


Content+Cloud becomes a Windows 365 early adopter

At Content+Cloud, we were one of the few partners globally to be chosen by Microsoft to trial Windows 365. We have been working with Microsoft over the last few months to implement and test the cloud PC with some of our clients.

This has proved incredibly valuable for us as a business.

Not only has it enabled us to demonstrate the planning, preparation and implementation processes, it has allowed us to take valuable learnings from successes and areas of development.

During the trial, we have experienced first-hand some of the critical business challenges Windows 365 is attempting to address. These include the need to implement the technology needed for hybrid working with minimal or no face-to-face employee contact, ensuring businesses’ IT estates remain secure and compliant with regulations and in the process, offering business continuity.

Our position as a Windows 365 early adopter will bring value to our clients in the coming months and years. As our experts build Windows 365 knowledge and experience, this will extend to your business so you can hit the ground running with your cloud PCs.




When will Windows 365 be available for my business?

Windows 365 cloud PC and full pricing options for businesses will be available on August 2nd.

For a more detailed dive into the product, its capabilities and what this could bring to your business, read our Modern Workplace Product Director Dan Coleby’s full breakdown of Windows 365.

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