The business revolution: View of a CEO

The business revolution: View of a CEO

How to drive your digital transformation

At Digital Revolution Live, hundreds of you tuned in for our CEO, Peter Sweetbaum’s thoughts on the ‘World in a Pandemic: The Business Revolution’.

Here, we share some of the highlights of his talk, or you can watch it in full here: Digital Revolution Live on-demand alongside more inspirational content for business and IT heads.

We all know that the role of the CIO has changed enormously, with CEOs relying increasingly on CIOs to be as much business leaders as they are technology leaders. But delivering strategic change from the CIO’s chair is tough. Especially against the backdrop of COVID and the Bank of England’s bleak forecast in May.

The incredible breakthroughs by Pfizer and Moderna give us hope, and credence to the view that there will indeed be a post-pandemic world. But the reality is that things will be different for a long time, which is why the ability to unlock the full potential of technology is crucial.


What is digital transformation?

CIOs and IT directors are the people we naturally engage with most at Content+Cloud. And it’s interesting how often we hear people misuse the term ‘digital transformation’.

For example, cloud migration is not digital transformation. While we agree that moving to the cloud realises enormous benefits, we’d class this as technology transformation. The focus is on transforming your underlying technology, from your applications to your infrastructure.

Digital transformation is at a higher level. It’s more strategic and business focused. It’s about adopting technologies to transform business processes, business models or go to market strategies.

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How do you drive digital transformation?

Let’s take the much-maligned call centre industry as an example. A considerable percentage of UK PLC’s workforce is in contact centres; it impacts our economy and the many industries, like finance, that rely on it.



At Content+Cloud we’re advocates of using a crisis point as a catalyst for positive change. The contact centre industry is aware of the challenges, and made these predictions for 2021:


If you note the fixed-cost structure of £30K to employ a contact centre worker, this increases significantly in socially distanced centres. And even the cost of employing them from home is high. The answer? With a nod to Steve Jobs – Think Different:


By using a powerful combination of tech-enabled gig economy solutions, together with technology, you can change the business model around contact centres. And this is what many businesses, that are utilising contact centres, are beginning to realise.

For more of Pete’s thoughts on how to revolutionise the contact centre industry, get your all-access pass to Digital Revolution Live on-demand.


Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this extract from our CEO’s talk at Digital Revolution Live. Peter’s discussion includes:

  • Real-world examples of technology-driven innovation in business, including some lessons from history. Prepare to be surprised!
  • More advice on how you can drive digital transformation in your organisation.
  • How to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

To watch the whole thing and access a wealth of other content from luminaries from Microsoft, McLaren Racing, cyber security, the Ministry of Justice and more, click here.

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