What’s in a name? Why the IT Lab group is now Content+Cloud

What’s in a name? Why the IT Lab group is now Content+Cloud

We are a business that is always moving forward.

At Content+Cloud, our goal is to help ambitious organisations and their people to succeed. And believe us when we say, we “drink our own champagne”.

We are an ambitious organisation too: we want to be the best technology services and solutions providers in the UK; we aim to continue to be the most awarded Microsoft partner in the UK; but most importantly we ‘Live and Breathe’ our client’s success. You could say we are ambitious on their behalf.

So why did we decide to take two well-known and established players in the technology services and solutions market and…

Why have we changed our name?

Firstly, we believe that bringing together IT Lab, and Content and Code under one new, ambitious brand, creates a strength of offering rarely seen in this market. Not only do we have the breadth end-to-end across Microsoft’s Three Clouds (M365, Azure and Dynamics 365) but we also have the deep expertise to enable our clients to truly leverage their investment in Microsoft and other technologies.

With Content+Cloud our clients can redefine their technology strategy, gain a trusted partner to deliver that strategy and leverage our deep expertise to take full advantage of what technology has to offer. They can then rely on us to help them keep that technology available, supported, managed and secured.

Secondly, why did we choose Content+Cloud?

Sounds a bit familiar to Content and Code? There’s a reason for that… But there’s also a lot more to our new name than meets the eye and this is why we chose it…


Content, secondary only to people, is an organisation’s most valuable resource. Whether in the form of files, systems, processes, data or systems, without content, work as we know it is impossible. Content fuels the work that we do, how we collaborate and ultimately the value that we create…


To maximise the potential of their Content, we help our clients to not only transition to the Cloud, but to scale, secure, evolve and transform the way they work using the vast array of functionality and capabilities of the Cloud. As we at Content+Cloud align ourselves with the strategy of Microsoft’s Three Clouds, ensuring that we can deliver our services through the cloud, a secure and scalable resource, is more important than ever.


While our name benefits from its recognisability with Microsoft (thanks to the heritage of Content and Code), it is also a true reflection of what we do every day, for our clients and our evolution as a group of businesses.

What sets Content+Cloud apart, is our long track record of success, delivering truly transformational solutions and services for our clients, and whatever our client’s definition of success, our exceptionally talented team has the experience and expertise to deliver just that.

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