How we help our clients to succeed in the modern workplace

Our mission, which we live and breathe, is to empower ambitious organisations and their people to succeed.

Your particular version of success will inevitably be based on your technology landscape, your business needs and challenges and your long term objectives. Another organisation’s take on success might involve a secure migration to the cloud, or the creation of a Power App to satisfy a new functional requirement.

Your definition of success guides us.

Success means different things to different organisations. Whether it’s improved Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) adoption, 24/7 dedicated security support, or creating a Power App, we’ll focus on delivering that. On your terms.

Transforming your organisation.

Typically, transformation involves new ways of working, new ways of reaching and servicing clients, and new ways of taking key services to market. Our task is to leverage technology to make such bold ambitions real.

We’ve helped a global management, engineering and development consultancy become fully digital. We’ve helped a major retailer standardise processes across its estate. We assist our clients in defining the change they are seeking, and we make it a reality.

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Evolving your technologies.

On their digital journey, our clients have many different priorities. Some ask us to increase collaboration by unlocking Microsoft Teams, improve user adoption and engagement, or develop a mobile app to raise levels of client satisfaction.

Others ask us to create business cases to deploy a company-wide digital workspace, to migrate workloads to Azure or to redefine their organisation’s security model.

In all cases, we agree the metrics that describe success (on your terms), ensuring the desired outcome is clear from the outset.

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Securing your critical infrastructure.

Poor security can compromise organisational and personal data, disable users, lock systems, create regulatory and financial exposure, prevent business from being transacted and, most importantly, undermine corporate reputation.

At Content+Cloud we do not think of our clients’ security as just a hardware device, a software application or an occasional penetration test. For us, security is a state of mind, integral to all that we do. We work with clients as they seek to move security up the agenda, embedding it – technically, operationally and culturally – into all that they do.

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Supporting your organisation: 24/7.

There is a direct link between high-quality user support and high-quality business performance. Put simply: it’s not easy to deliver your best business results if your people are unable to take advantage of the technology that you’ve invested in.

This is why, at Content+Cloud, we take user support so seriously, designing our services around the varied needs, attitudes and abilities of your users. We help improve usage and adoption, whilst also providing highly responsive day-to-day support.

Content+Cloud support services keep systems and services running, ensuring uptime and availability. Our support services have the capability to be truly global, delivering a genuine 24/7 service, wherever your users may be.

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We focus on what makes the difference.

We put our energy into treating each client as an individual organisation, because their challenges are unique. We deliver excellence as standard when it comes to delivering the core 80% of a project. This enables us to focus on the 20% that shapes solutions and services, to suit individual clients and their specific needs. This 20% is how we deliver truly exceptional outcomes. It’s what sets us apart.

At Content+Cloud we engage with clients in three different ways:

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