Azure data and analytics services to drive your cloud innovation

Azure data and analytics can help you unlock the power of your data estate. At Content+Cloud we offer expert Azure data and analytics services that will help you move into cost-effective cloud infrastructure, modernise your platform and ultimately develop cloud-based apps that delight your users.

How Azure data and analytics benefit organisations like yours

Regardless of size and sector, any organisation handling data faces challenges – from storing and protecting it effectively to harnessing it to improve processes and services.

Azure data and analytics simplify the complexities that come with managing data in the cloud and give you a route to ongoing innovation. At Content+Cloud we work with clients across all industries and sectors to help them to migrate, modernise and optimise their data estate with Azure. We can help you not only manage your data but also use it to drive continuous value for your business and your users.

Make costs more predictable

Azure data services free you from datacentre contracts, software lifecycles and costly maintenance. Your cloud-based storage will help you move from large one-off expenditures to paying for resources as you need them.

Make sense of your data

From app usage to big data analysis, Azure analytics tools make it easier to dive deep into your data and identify the activities and trends that you most need to act upon.

Enhance user experiences with data-driven services

With data collected efficiently and securely, you can harness the potential of the cloud to delight your users with IoT applications and cloud-native apps powered by AI and automation.

Move at speed with our Azure data migration service

With expertise in Windows and Azure SQL migration services, we have the proven experience and resources to help you move towards a modern, secure and agile data platform in just six weeks.

Our Azure Data Platform Accelerator service will help you to:

  • Transition from end-of-support workloads to a supported SQL Server IaaS or Azure SQL PaaS service offering
  • Improve data and service security
  • Optimise cost with deployment models such as Azure SQL DB serverless and elastic pool, and Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Increase the availability and redundancy of your critical data workloads
  • Reduce management complexity freeing time for innovation
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Embrace greater insights with analytics and business intelligence reporting

Understanding your data is a crucial step in unlocking its value for your organisation. At Content+Cloud we can help you establish a new, or enhance an existing, analytics service that delivers powerful, actionable insights.

Our Azure Analytics and Business Intelligence Accelerator managed service will help you to:

  • Ensure you get the insights that matter most by establishing data pipelines, analysis, preparation and storage
  • Set up and integrate analytics services with Azure Synapse and Data Factory
  • Visualise your data with dashboards and reporting designed with Power BI
  • Prepare for greater value by organising for AI/ML
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How we work with you

With accredited consulting and engineering expertise, our Data Platforms Team uses our proven methodology and resources to map out your requirements for all stakeholders.

Throughout our partnership with you, we’ll use the five Rs of rationalisation approach to determine whether to re-host, re-platform, re-architect, rebuild or replace your data assets. For example, we can help you with:

  • Rehosting: Azure is the most cost-effective Cloud for Windows and SQL Server workloads. If you’re seeking the cost benefits of Azure’s cloud infrastructure, we can repurpose existing on-premises licensing investments and help you take advantage of Hybrid Benefits
  • Re-platforming: If you’re looking to move existing apps to a cloud platform, we can reduce the amount of time you spend managing database instances by migrating to Azure SQL DB or a fully managed SQL instance.
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Simplify Azure data and analytics for your organisation

Azure offers a huge range of tools to enable you to unlock your data. At Content+Cloud we’ll work with you to set out your data challenges and opportunities, and help you design the toolkit that fits your strategic ambitions.

Here’s a snapshot of how some of the more common Azure tools can support your data modernisation journey.


Ingestion and management

Azure data services include:

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Intelligence and automation

Solutions in Azure and Microsoft 365 include:

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Secure your data and analyse threats with tools in Azure

Azure is secure by design, with more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. You can be assured of the highest standards of protection for your data in Azure.

As one of the UK’s Microsoft Sentinel partners, Content+Cloud is trusted for its services in securing the Microsoft cloud environment. As well as our technical consultancy on your Azure connectivity and security, we can provide managed Azure CSOC services. We’re also able to support you with managed services in cyberBackup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service. 

Guiding client success with Azure data and analytics

At Content+Cloud we’re passionate about applying our expertise to help ambitious organisations succeed. We’ve worked with all types of clients on Azure projects, from small-to-medium businesses to global finance firms, local councils to government bodies.

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“We are already working with Content+Cloud on the next phase of our project to implement PaaS services such as Azure DevOps, Azure Web Apps and Azure SQL and, with a recently announced facelift to our e-Learning platform, we know we can depend on them to help us deliver this with success.”

Senior Support Analyst, public sector client

Azure expertise trusted by Microsoft

As a leading Microsoft partner with more awards than any other in the UK, Content+Cloud is expertly placed to guide you towards digital transformation in Azure. We’ve developed a world-class centre of excellence in Azure – here’s what sets us apart:

Get an expert opinion on your Azure challenges 

Get an expert opinion on your Azure challenges

Azure is the foundation for digital transformation at your organisation. Regardless of where you are in your cloud adoption journey, we can provide services to help you succeed, including: