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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive financial solution that has helped organisations revolutionise how they manage their accounting processes. With features to manage your processes and analyse your transactions, the platform provides you with a holistic management software which is intuitive to use.

If you’re using Dynamics Dynamics GP, Content+Cloud can help you get the most from its capabilities and leverage the greatest value for your organisation.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to specific software which handles day-to-day business activity and helps automate and manage core business processes.

Dynamics GP is a powerful ERP tool that includes a wide range of functionalities making it possible to manage the numerous processes vital for running a successful modern business.

Depending on your organisation size may dictate which of the tools available are most appropriate for you, but whatever your industry and needs, this comprehensive solution should provide you with everything you require.

Dynamics GP is part of Microsoft’s ERP portfolio, meaning it integrates perfectly with other Microsoft systems, providing a familiar and intuitive interface.

Seamless integration

As part of Microsoft’s ERP portfolio, Dynamics GP works effortlessly with the wider Microsoft stack, providing greater collaborative possibilities for efficiency.

Feature and functionality rich

Microsoft’s ERP solutions come with far greater functionality than traditional bespoke entry-level systems and offer greater potential for expansion.

Mid-tier market solutions

Dynamics GP is optimised to provide a total management solution for organisations looking to automate and streamline their operations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP legacy

Although part of Microsoft’s legacy software, Dynamics GP has a clear roadmap from Microsoft for continued support and usage. At Content+Cloud, we continue to support existing clients with Dynamics GP requirements and provide ongoing managed service support for this reliable and widely-used ERP solution.

Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV: similarities and differences

Although each of these solutions provide specific services for detailed requirements, both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP have a certain level of crossover and similarity. The quick comparison below gives a simple outline as to where the two match and differ in basic functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is a far richer out-of-the-box ERP solution. Although not as adaptable as Dynamics NAV, the system is faster and easier to implement and has many add-ons to expand its features.

Microsoft created Dynamics GP for businesses who are satisfied tailoring their workflow according to the Dynamics processes. It has many features and functions but isn’t as flexible and adaptable as Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Highly customisable and with the ability to develop specific functionality, Dynamics NAV has worked well for organisations that want a system that can scale and expand as the size of their operation grows.

Dynamics NAV tracks and automates customisation in order to keep upgrades and maintenance on track, making it well suited to bespoke businesses that need to leverage particular capabilities.

Automating and simplifying with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP automates and streamlines business processes, also helping small and mid-sized organisations manage their day-to-day operations.

Dynamics GP provides tools for common business requirements including financial management, human resources management, business intelligence and field service, and supports simple manufacturing processes and payroll processes. Hundreds of independent software vendors are also available to provide solutions for additional requirements.

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How to use Microsoft Dynamics GP to see fast improvements

Quick to set up, with little customisation required, Dynamics GP can be deployed in several ways, providing flexibility for storage and access needs, including via web browser, SharePoint or traditional desktop app.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a perfect choice for those who don’t need the latest cutting-edge technology or who compete with regularly changing business requirements.

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Why should you choose Content+Cloud as your Dynamics 365 partner?

Dynamics 365 is a leading global ERP platform. As the UK’s most trusted Microsoft partner, our goal is to help our clients work smarter and more efficiently, taking full advantage of Dynamics’ modular design and user-focused AI.

Our experts have a wealth of experience and are exceptionally well-placed to answer any questions about how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, and can support and implement the right solution for our clients.