Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The possibilities the cloud can bring to your business are vast. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) represents one of the most significant areas of opportunity.

Opportunity, not only to gain more from the assets you invest in, but to usher in a fresh approach to the way you do business. IaaS can also help you kick-start your transformation into a modern workplace.


Free your business from legacy burdens

Legacy IT that no longer serves your needs can be a time and money vacuum. IaaS offers an instant infrastructure that can be scaled to your needs. Your expert provider performs maintenance, leaving you free to customise your options.


Stay in control with IaaS

Infrastructure as a service combines the benefits of managed infrastructure with the advantage of remaining in control of your choices. Select and purchase your preferred software, choose the operating system that’s right for your business and install your own applications.


Pay only for what you use

IaaS can remove the need for capital expenditure and the expertise needed to maintain ageing IT assets. It can also deliver cost savings through scalability.

IaaS – the tools you need in a digital world

In a digitally transformed world, it’s vital to adapt to stay ahead. Infrastructure as a service can bring a multitude of benefits to your business and provide fast, tangible return on investment.

With IaaS, your platform does not have to remain a static service over time. Rather, it can be built on and customised, with aspects added and removed in line with your businesses’ evolution.

Capabilities, such as backup, disaster recovery and managed cloud services, can be added to ensure IaaS is working hard for your business. Leaving you and your people to focus on the core activities that drive your digital strategy and success.

Bringing convenience and functionality

Shifting from traditional on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based IaaS model can initially seem to be a significant undertaking.

It requires planning, expenditure and consulting with your provider to find the best package for you.

However, with no equipment lifecycle to manage, capital expenditure or assets to maintain in-house, return on investment from IaaS can happen almost instantly.

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Fulfil your digital ambitions

Platforms such as IaaS can be a first step to bringing positive change to your business. A cloud-first approach can offer scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Leaving you to focus your efforts where they matter most and in turn, boost productivity and innovation.

Avoid unnecessary expense

Remove the need to allocate budget to purchasing, maintaining and replacing physical servers, data centres and other infrastructure. Moving to pay-as-you-use IaaS puts the control back into your hands as you choose when to scale up or down and rent extra components.

Choose and pay for what you need, when you need it

With IaaS, each product you take up is a separate component. This means you can use more or less, as required. Only rent a component for as long as you need it, scaling up or down in line with workflow.

Choose industry leading IaaS from Content+Cloud

We offer IaaS through either Microsoft Azure or through our private Cloudlab IaaS platform.

Microsoft Azure IaaS

Opting for IaaS through Microsoft Azure is a compelling option for many businesses. The benefits of Azure include easy access to PaaS and SaaS services and the ability to flex your infrastructure if the needs of your business change.

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Save costs with Microsoft Azure IaaS

One of the benefits of IaaS on the Azure public cloud is the scope to save costs. Pay only for what you use, scaling up and down with demand.

Right-size your infrastructure to match your application’s needs. Save up to 82% on virtual machines through multi-year reserved instances and Azure hybrid usage benefits.

Data services from anywhere

Run Azure data services anywhere and get the latest Azure innovations, elastic scale and unified management for data workloads, with or without direct cloud connection.

Exemplary support and Microsoft expertise

We are the UK’s most awarded Microsoft partner and one of the most awarded partners in the world. With years of experience and investment in our Microsoft capabilities, we can offer you second-to-none planning, implementation and managed Microsoft services, such as Azure IaaS.

Businesses we have helped transform, evolve, secure and support

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Cloudlab IaaS

Our skilled experts at Content+Cloud have worked for years to build and evolve our proprietary in-house enterprise-grade infrastructure as a service platform, Cloudlab.

We use this technology as a means of delivering IaaS, private cloud and hybrid cloud environments to our clients.

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Purpose-built technology

IaaS from Content+Cloud includes access to our proprietary technology Cloudlab.

This platform offers you flexibility and scalability, as well as the foundations of a cloud-first future.

Leave the legwork to us

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed platform with industry leading SLAs. We will manage your IaaS infrastructure while you retain control over your everyday options. Choose, purchase, install and maintain your own virtual machines, apps and data. In the meanwhile, we will take care of underlying management and updates.

Expand your service offering

Content+Cloud IaaS offers you the opportunity to build on and customise your virtual infrastructure. Scale up or remove IaaS elements over time to make way for platform as a service. Incorporate vital always-on protection such as backup as a service and disaster recovery as a service.

Renowned enterprise cloud computing expertise

Whether you’ve partially or fully moved your operations to the cloud or have yet to begin the process, we can offer the guidance you need.

From cloud migration assessments and strategies to public cloud access or private and hybrid cloud builds, our skilled teams can help you make a painless and successful cloud transition.

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Bringing the benefits of IaaS to your business

Whichever IaaS option you choose, you will gain all the benefits of a Content+Cloud partnership.

  • Unparalleled dedicated support – We are known for our impeccable support services. As an IaaS client, you’ll benefit from the support of a dedicated account manager from an expert team.
  • Inherent security and compliance – Your Cloudlab or Microsoft Azure IaaS platform comes with enterprise-level security features by design. This means you don’t have to worry about managing your own security upkeep. It can also be adapted to satisfy stringent and industry specific regulatory standards.
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