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Microsoft Viva is a digital employee experience and engagement platform powered by Microsoft 365. It brings communications, learning, knowledge and insights together in one place at the heart of where you work in Microsoft Teams, the new hub for teamwork.

Content+Cloud can help you harness the value of Microsoft Viva for the modern workplace, empowering your employees and driving your digital transformation.

What is Microsoft Viva?

With the shift to hybrid working, organisations have been under pressure to maintain a positive employee experience wherever their people are working. The Microsoft Viva platform brings together a host of modules designed to improve how people work. You can ensure your staff feel connected and aligned with your company’s vision, with the opportunities to grow and develop their own careers, all within Teams.

Viva currently consists of five modules, powered by Microsoft 365 and accessible through Microsoft Teams. This means that you can bring learning, community engagement and knowledge straight into the flow of work.

At Content+Cloud, we can support your Teams implementation of Microsoft Viva, whether you’re looking for complete Viva Suite enablement or to leverage an individual module. And if you want to roll out Viva in weeks – even days – we can help you move at speed with our FastStart service.

Connecting the hybrid workplace

Promote communication across the workplace and empower employees to make their own contributions via the same Teams app they use every day.

Easily accessible expertise and training

Put the right information at your people’s fingertips and make personal development a part of their day-to-day role with integrated learning modules.

Data-driven productivity and wellbeing insights

Enhance the employee experience with insights for individual workers, managers, and leaders to prioritise wellbeing and drive personal development.

What can you get from Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft intends Viva to be an ever-changing platform delivering more and more benefits to customers within the Teams application. The currently available Microsoft Viva modules are:

  • Connections for cultivating positive communications
  • Topics for sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Insights for tailored productivity and employee wellbeing
  • Learning for personal development
  • Goals for tracking company-wide objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Sales for streamlining processes for your salespeople
  • Engage for connecting people across your organisation
  • Pulse for meaningful feedback when it matters
  • Amplify for streamlined internal communication campaigns, available later in 2023

Prioritise personal development with Viva Learning

Viva Learning makes it easy for your employees to incorporate learning and development into their everyday workflow. It brings together resources from your organisation, third-party providers and Microsoft in one place.

With easy access to all the training content available in Teams, employees can make their personal development a priority. Your people can easily discover, track, and share personalised resources and make learning social with Teams tabs and chats.

Viva Learning’s personalised development allows workers to control their own development pathway. Users can view assigned resources from any of the learning management systems (LMS), with notifications to keep on top of progress and prompts to book in focus time. Additionally, managers can define learning paths for their teams and track their progress and celebrate their success by posting praise through Viva Insights, Teams or Communities.

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Improve your company’s meeting culture with Viva Insights

The Viva Insights module helps you build better work habits with data-driven insights and recommendations in Teams.

With modules to keep people connected and protect their time, employees can make the most of their working day and improve meeting culture. Employees can improve their working habits while managers are better able to engage their teams. The unique recommendations are key to creating a culture where both people and businesses can thrive.

To help protect the wellbeing of your employees, Viva Insights measures their risk of burnout, and help employees to feel supported and well coached by their managers. Viva Insights encourages mindfulness with a feature to reflect on how users are feeling, take a quick one-minute breathing exercise, engage effectively with colleagues, and prepare for the day ahead. When interfaced with third-party services Headspace and Glint, the value of all your employee engagement and insight can be leveraged together in one place.

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Curate and share knowledge with Viva Topics

Viva Topics uses AI to curate knowledge from information and to surface content from the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Curated Topics are surfaced to users in their flow of work in SharePoint, Outlook and Teams.

This knowledge database is perfect not only for helping new employees become familiar with important topics in the business but for anyone needing quick access to knowledge and experts in the flow of their work.

Provide context across your organisation simply by hovering over an unfamiliar acronym. Viva Topics uses AI to identify common topics and display information cards with curated content based on the Topic Centre in SharePoint.

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Integrate company information using Viva Connections

Use Viva Connections to enhance your company’s culture and communications. This curated module integrates an accessible company-branded intranet in Microsoft Teams.

With all your intranet resources in one place, employees can find the most relevant information with a simple search in Teams. Employees can easily discover company resources and connect with people across the organisation within the same Teams application they already use every day.

While Viva Connections makes an accessible intranet available in Teams, it does require a good working intranet built in modern SharePoint, which is surfaced through the module. To find out more about delivering the best experience of a SharePoint intranet, take a look at our modern workplace solution Fresh.

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Align your organisation’s strategic priorities with Viva Goals

Viva Goals is designed to streamline organisation-wide goal setting and management. You can align strategic priorities by setting objectives and key results (OKRs) to ensure teams within the business are working towards common goals.

The Viva Goals platform makes it easy to view the company’s strategic objectives alongside individual or team OKRs and how they relate to the big picture. Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy to track, update and communicate progress and present at business meetings.

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Streamline processes for your salespeople with Viva Sales

Viva Sales has been created to enable sellers to easily engage with any backend customer relationship management (CRM) system through Teams.

It helps your salespeople reclaim their time by eliminating manual data collection and entry tasks, allowing them to focus on building relationships with their clients. Viva Sales produces insights into customer interactions and AI-driven suggestions and reminders, all designed to help your people close the sale.

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Connect people and shape your organisation’s culture with Viva Engage

Viva Engage is an enhanced version of the Communities app in Microsoft Teams, building on the foundations of Yammer.

This module helps organisations build connection and community with new features like Storyline and Stories. In the hybrid workplace, this gives you the tools to encourage connections, give your people engagement opportunities, and shape the culture of your organisation.

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Create communications that resonate using Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify enables you to make wide-scale communications more effective by elevating your message and energising your people. It makes communication easier and better, increasing the chance of your message being heard.

The app offers a central hub within Teams where you can plan, create, publish and analyse communications. This includes AI-powered guidance for crafting compelling messages from your leadership, HR or corporate teams. Once you’ve created your message, you can publish to multiple channels simultaneously, subject to approval where required, manage your campaign and use the reporting metrics to improve your future communications.

Viva Amplify is currently in private preview.

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Get valuable feedback from your people with Viva Pulse

With Viva Pulse, managers and team leaders can gather confidential feedback to drive success. You can use this module to put together effective forms in Teams with a host of useful tools such as templates, analytics and research-backed questions.

The Viva Pulse app offers employees a unique opportunity to give confidential, anonymous feedback on topics ranging from team collaboration and success to wellbeing and work-life balance. It’s designed to work alongside other company-wide engagement tools you might already have in place, as well as complementing other broader surveys that you may conduct with Glint.

Viva Pulse is currently in public preview.

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Get Microsoft Viva modules in your Teams now with our FastStart service

Whether you are looking at integrating just one of the Microsoft Viva modules or complete Viva Suite enablement, FastStart can help you get up and running as quickly as within a few days.

Content+Cloud can help with everything from system integration for Viva Learning to curating your Topic Centre for Viva Topics. You can get support connecting your SharePoint site to Viva Connections, as well as tailored recommendations based on your use of Viva Insights.

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