Content+Cloud can help transform your organisation

Our mission, that we live and breathe is, to empower ambitious organisations and their people to succeed. We do this in four main ways – transform, evolve, secure, support.

Transform: “To completely change the appearance or character of something, especially so that it is better.”


Typically, transformation involves new ways of working, new ways of reaching and servicing customers, and new ways of taking key services to market. Our task is to leverage technology to make such bold ambitions real.


On their digital journey, our clients have many different priorities. Some ask us to increase collaboration by unlocking Microsoft Teams, improve user adoption and engagement, or develop a mobile app to raise levels of customer satisfaction.

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Poor security can compromise organisational and personal data, disable users, lock systems, create regulatory and financial exposure, prevent business from being transacted and, most importantly, undermine corporate reputation.

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There is a direct link between high-quality user support and high-quality business performance. Put simply: it’s not easy to deliver your best business results if your people are unable to take advantage of the technology that you’ve invested in.

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Your digital transformation has a different meaning to your competition

Transformation involves new ways of doing things. For our clients, this can have several meanings.

It could be a new way of working. It could be a new approach to reaching and servicing customers. Or it could be a new route for taking key services to market.

Setting your business up for success

Executing successful business transformation is no small task. In fact, many attempts end in failure. Common reasons for this include oversights in:

  • Philosophy
  • Planning
  • People
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Teams Governance Umbrella


For some businesses, gradual changes are enough to achieve their goals. For others, large-scale transformation is needed to match an ambitious vision.

Transformation can only succeed if the reasons, methods and objectives are not only endorsed and communicated, but lived and breathed by all tiers of a business.

When transformation is a mindset, planning, deadlines, culture and logistics can be managed with the best chance of success.



For some businesses, transformation involves combinations of old and new processes, software and hardware.

Risks need to be assessed and mitigated. Securing systems and processes against malicious attacks, disasters or downtime, is integral.

Critical legacy systems need to plug into the plan and co-exist with the new. Adoption and switchover must be as seamless as possible. Internal continuity among people and systems is vital, as is minimising external disruption for clients.



Business transformation is an exciting experience for those involved. Refreshed philosophies, messaging and visions align to map a path to continued success. Positive changes abound that inspire people to succeed.

However, change also brings uncertainty. The people who steer your business need assurance that their roles and priorities are included in the vision. Your clients also need to know that your reinvigorated business will equal improved experiences for them.

The Content+Cloud approach

At Content+Cloud, we know that new technologies, methods and possibilities can make change planning a challenge in a digitally transformed world.

For our clients, this may come in the form of too much choice and infinite combinations of approaches. Seeking guidance from an accredited and experienced partner is not only valuable, but often vital to their success.

Supporting our clients in their digital transformations

Kick-start change with your people on board

At Content+Cloud, we know how exciting business transformation can be. We also appreciate how much planning, effort, time and investment it needs to be successful.

We will work alongside you to maximise value from your investments in new approaches, systems and technology. In short, we are invested in getting your business ready for change so it can flex to the changes and challenges of the future.

Thrive with change adoption planning

Any decision-maker knows that slotting changes into your business strategy without adequate preparation is no guarantee of success. Our team of adoption and change specialists can help you successfully embed new technology in your organisation.

We’ll assist you in training your people, articulating your strategy, implementing governance for specific tools and defining processes that need to be in place.

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Freshen your approach with DevOps

DevOps has been firmly in the limelight in recent years. But it’s more than just a buzzword. It’s an approach with the potential to bring real and meaningful change to your business. Marrying the skillsets of your developers and operations teams can remove the need to wait for cross-department responses. It can instil a mindset of shared responsibility and collaboration.

Most of all, it can speed up your processes and project delivery, leaving your people with more time to innovate where it matters most.

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Don’t compromise on your cloud

Your business may not yet be on the cloud. Or perhaps you have already implemented a full platform. Whatever the maturity of your cloud model, we can help ensure you get the most from it. We help businesses like yours plan and execute cloud migration from scratch.

We also help businesses with existing cloud platforms move across to new models, such as Microsoft Azure public cloud. We can also build bespoke private and hybrid clouds personalised to your business and your business only.

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Undergoing our own transformation has helped inform the approach we take. We know that meaningful change involves so much more than making incremental and isolated alterations over time.

Forming Content+Cloud through the amalgamation of IT Lab, Content and Code and our distinct brands of Perspective Risk, Mirus and Sol-Tec, has allowed us to live and breathe the transformations we assist our clients in making.

Whether you are at the start of your own digital revolution or looking for a specific outcome, we are the ideal partner to help you shape the solutions to make your bold ambitions reality.

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