Cyber Threat Intelligence service

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our proactive, actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence service.

We can empower your organisation to maintain your cyber defence, keeping pace with evolving attack tactics and getting ahead of them with tailored monitoring and mitigation guidance.

Why do you need a Cyber Threat Intelligence service?

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) helps organisations proactively defend against cyber threats. By leveraging advanced technologies and enriched with expert analysis, this service provides valuable insights into evolving attack techniques, enhancing your detection capabilities and improving incident response.

Our CTI service offers comprehensive threat intelligence and monitoring solutions, tailored to the needs of your organisation. With a range of core offerings and additional optional services, you’ll be ahead, and stay ahead, of emerging risks, enhance your security posture, and protect your brand reputation.

Brand protection and reputation management

Protect brand reputation by detecting instances of brand abuse, domain impersonation and counterfeit product sales.

Compliance adherence

Ensure compliance with regulations by collating insights into threat activity and early warnings of data breaches.

Proactive threat intelligence

Through proactive monitoring and analysis of threat activity across surface, deep and dark web, mitigate potential risks from emerging threats.

Early threat detection and incident response

Identify cyber threats early so you can respond promptly and nullify the effects of their tactics and techniques effectively.

Enriched Security Operations Centre

Enhance the capabilities of your SOC with contextual awareness and actionable intelligence, , improving threat detection and response.

Continuous improvement and security posture

Harness valuable insights into evolving attack techniques to enhancing their detection capabilities your mature your overall security posture and reduce your attack surface.

What’s included in our Cyber Threat Intelligence service?

CTI gives you all the benefits of a trusted enterprise-grade threat intelligence service that scales to businesses of all sizes.

Your organisation will benefit from significantly improved decision-making and prioritisation over cyber threats, so the right focus and the right resource can be leveraged to meet challenges before they become a problem.

Find out how we can tailor CTI to your needs 

Cyber Threat Intelligence service features

IOC management

  • Curated configuration of indicators of compromise (IOCs) tailored to each client
  • Collection of IOCs from diverse sources, sanitisation, and aggregation via the Digital Shadows platform
  • Enhancement of SOC capabilities, early threat detection and improved incident response

Threat insights

  • Monthly digest providing insights into key threat activities and recent threat research
  • Useful snapshot of observed threat activity, emerging threats, and future realistic threats
  • Manual production and distribution by our cyber threat intelligence team

Intelligence updates

  • Daily threat briefings offering up-to-date information on new attack techniques, vulnerabilities and recommended mitigation strategies
  • Timely awareness of the evolving threat landscape for proactive defence and quick response to incidents
  • Templated document published once per day, providing actionable intelligence for all clients and SOC

Security advisories

  • Broad-scale advisories reacting to major developments in the threat landscape
  • Researching and tracking zero-day threats and vulnerabilities
  • Co-developing workarounds, detections and mitigations with wider Content+Cloud cyber teams and the wider community

Exposed employee credential monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of employee credentials to detect exposure and assess risks
  • Prompt notification of exposed credentials, enabling proactive measures for risk mitigation
  • Incident response support

Impersonating domain monitoring

  • Active scanning of domain registrations to identify malicious actors impersonating customer brands
  • Detection of fraudulent domains and unauthorised use of customer names or trademarks
  • Assistance in initiating domain takedown procedures

Dark web monitoring

  • Active scanning of the dark web to detect mentions, discussions or sales related to your sensitive information
  • Early detection of data breaches, proactive threat intelligence, and support for incident response and investigations
  • Tools for searching deep and dark web sources, takedown operations, and alerting against customer assets

Industry-specific threat trends

  • Quarterly reports tailored to specific verticals or industries, providing insights into relevant threat activity and trends
  • Data collection and analysis against a particular industry, disseminated across multiple clients in the same vertical

Optional extras of our CTI service

If you have additional intelligence needs, we also offer several optional add-on components.

Data loss intelligence

  • Monitoring of online sources to detect instances where sensitive data is exposed or at risk
  • Advanced analysis and risk assessments, generating alerts and actionable intelligence for incident response and mitigation
  • Continuous monitoring for new exposures and ongoing protection of sensitive data

Online brand abuse intelligence

  • Monitoring of unauthorised and malicious use of a company’s brand or intellectual property
  • Identification of brand abuse activities, takedowns, and actionable intelligence to protect brand reputation
  • Alerting against customer domains and variations, ensuring ongoing brand protection

Attack surface reduction

  • Consultative use case focused on minimising exposure to cyber-attacks
  • Assessment of digital footprint, identification of vulnerabilities, and addressing shadow IT or unauthorised systems
  • Reducing the risk of cyber-attacks, protecting sensitive data, and securing critical assets

Why choose Content+Cloud for your Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Our CTI service is backed by experienced threat intelligence analysts and leadership, powered by Digital Shadows, that provides a highly scalable service for all organisations in all verticals to deliver actionable intelligence in defending against threats.

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