Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The flexibility and potential of hybrid cloud solutions presents a compelling proposition for businesses in a digitally transformed world.

Public Cloud

Our unique and unrivalled technology enables us to build secure, well-governed Azure environments using automation. Benefit from our proven deployment methodology for your rapid, safe and secure Azure migration.

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Private Cloud

When you need a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards. Services shaped around your needs, including backup, disaster recovery and cost control.

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Hybrid Cloud

A proven, systematic approach to your hybrid cloud, rooted in best-practice and secure-by-design. We understand the complexities of integrating multiple cloud services, giving you complete visibility and control of your estate.

Migrate to the Cloud

Once you have chosen your preferred route to the cloud we’ll work with you to assess your current situation, priorities, and core business objectives to make sure your cloud migration project runs seamlessly.

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Find the right balance of on-premises and Cloud infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud solutions

It’s no exaggeration to say that migrating data, processes and operations to the cloud could transform the way you do business for the better.

However, planning and implementation are not so black-and-white. Traditionally, options have been confined to two main models – the public cloud or the private cloud.

Although both have advantages, an off-the-rack solution won’t always provide an exact match for businesses with complex needs.

Cloud technology has advanced so rapidly that choice and customised environments have replaced the one-size-fits-all status quo.

Businesses of all sizes and with varying requirements no longer face a choice between public or private cloud migration. Rather, they can select the strengths for their needs and bring them together for the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Cloud IT

A custom hybrid model to meet unique needs

Get the best of both worlds with a tailored hybrid cloud that combines elastic on-demand resources with on-premises infrastructure. Mix functionalities such as cloud bursting and public cloud scaling for a dual solution truly unique to your business.


Reduce risk with multi-location hosting

Moving your operations across two or more cloud environments can reduce the risks associated with storing all assets in one location. This can mitigate the risk of downtime and data loss or breaches in the event of cyber attacks or natural disasters.


Increased options with workload and demand

A hybrid cloud allows you take your distinguishable workloads and move them to optimal locations. Dynamic projects can be managed and scaled across the public cloud, while predictable or more sensitive processes can be hosted privately. Orchestration across the hybrid cloud can offer the best of both worlds.

The Content+Cloud approach

In Content+Cloud, you’ll find a trusted partner to establish your hybrid cloud solutions and guide you through the migration process and beyond.

We are invested in seeing your business achieve its bold ambitions and know the technology that gets you there is pivotal to your ongoing success.

We partner with our clients to deliver long-term success in the Cloud

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When a hybrid cloud is the best fit

Hybrid cloud solutions are not for everyone. As with all big decisions around your IT assets, including data management and security approach, a choice informed by experience and specialist knowledge is essential.

If the solution matches your business, hybrid cloud deployment can deliver myriad benefits. From to setting you up for success by forming the foundation of a modern workplace to helping you retain a competitive edge in a fast-moving marketplace.

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Merge the best of public and private clouds

Don’t choose between either/or. With hybrid cloud solutions, profit from the best of both worlds. Retain in-house infrastructure with public cloud capabilities, while entrusting updates, security and compliance with expert providers. Gain additional functionality, such as cloud bursting, to enhance your operations.

Explore potential cost savings

Hybrid cloud solutions can save costs while making improvements in other areas, such as deployment speed. Even if you retain some on-premises infrastructure, a hybrid cloud model can help you reduce fees for specialist consultancy or full-time on-premises expertise.

Scale services up and down with workload

Externally hosted, elastic on-demand resources allow you to ramp up or dial down services when convenient. This can help plan and optimise your storage needs, save costs on power and cooling and develop highly customised infrastructure for future versatility.

Prioritise security with a multi-cloud solution

A multi-cloud solution means you can store valuable assets, such as sensitive data and information, across several cloud platforms. This can reduce the risk of everything being hosted in one place. Twin this with the enterprise-level security of the cloud for extra reinforcement.

Reduce complexity with a consolidated platform

One of the perceived challenges of hybrid cloud solutions is overseeing multiple services simultaneously. To overcome this, we provide customisable and scalable managed cloud services. Our experienced team can help you manage performance and optimise costs, all while leveraging the opportunities your cloud model brings.

Hybrid cloud solutions deployed quickly and seamlessly

Regardless of your current cloud maturity, hybrid cloud solutions can be deployed quickly and to short deadlines. We can help identify the right workloads for the right clouds and ensure your existing apps are hosted and delivered in the right way.

Keep your defences high with managed cyber services

For any successful enterprise, cyber security is not simply a duty. It’s a mindset which influences all aspects of your business. Instate the highest level of protection with Content+Cloud managed cyber security services. Our award-winning teams can guard your assets and reputation with an 24/7 security operations centre and managed assurance. This can include remediation support, IT health checks, reports and recommendations and training.

Flexible managed cyber services to fit your need 

At Content+Cloud, we not only believe in solving your challenges quickly and painlessly, we Live+Breathe it.

Our teams can bring your business years of experience in implementing successful hybrid cloud solutions.

More than this, you will benefit from the methods we’ve refined and the unique proprietary technology we’ve developed to get you cloud-ready.

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Your bespoke cloud built from the ground up

Technology brings infinite choice in our everyday lives and the workplace should be no different. We can provide a hybrid cloud solution that allows your legacy systems to sit side-by-side with the brand new. Seamlessly integrate existing services such as Microsoft 365 while exploring new opportunities in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Best-in-class cloud migration support

For us, the work doesn’t end with project delivery. We understand that post-switch-on and beyond, businesses need guidance and ongoing assurance that the software they’ve chosen is the right match for their needs. Whether this comes in the form of a complete managed cloud service, training your workforce or always-on support, we have you covered.

Keep complexity to a minimum

Splitting environments through hybrid cloud solutions can bring the need to manage multiple vendors. This is why we use Cloudlab to build a single platform housing your cloud environment. This offers you consolidated control over your systems, applications, requirements and processes.

Channel the power of CloudLab

Partnering with Content+Cloud allows you to reap the benefits of Cloudlab. Perfected by our teams over the years, Cloudlab is the proprietary technology we use to build your cloud management platform. Its benefits include:

  • Inherent backup and disaster recovery
  • UK-based ISO-accredited tier-three data centres
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High-performance redundant connectivity
  • Industry leading service level agreements (SLAs) backed by service credits
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