M365 PACE service

Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise for Microsoft 365

Content+Cloud can help you stay ahead of change in Microsoft 365. Our M365 PACE (Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise) service gives you a clear path on the busy roadmap of updates and new features.

With personalised, actionable insights and guidance, you’ll be able to focus on what’s most valuable for your organisation, and drive towards digital maturity with Microsoft 365.

Get the optimum value from Microsoft 365 with M365 PACE

At Content+Cloud we have award-winning Microsoft expertise and deep experience in technology adoption. Our M365 PACE service allows you to tap into our best practices, advice and insights, and use them to deliver greater value and success with Microsoft 365 for your organisation.

The starting blocks for evergreen IT

If you’ve just adopted Microsoft 365 and don’t know how to ensure your technology management is systematic and robust, our M365 PACE service puts the structure and process in place.

A faster path to maturity in M365

Our M365 PACE service helps you get maximum value from Microsoft technologies for your organisation’s unique needs. Our tailored advice and actionable insights give you peace and clarity amid the noise in M365.

The personal touch

We’ll provide you with a dedicated M365 specialist. This means you’ll have a partner working closely with your team to lay the foundations for evergreen IT, plan for change effectively and optimise your services.

“We know that nothing is slipping through the cracks now. Content+Cloud does all the organising for us. We don’t have to proactively reach out and check what changes have been made by Microsoft.”

Infrastructure and Support Director, Financial sector

Your route to greater adoption and digital maturity

  • Speed/volume of changes
  • Cloud complexity/uncertainty
  • Siloed transformation
  • Gaps in resources, capability and tech knowhow
  • Difficult to harness innovation


  • Business areas invested in success
  • Structured meetings
  • Tailored reporting and advice
  • M365 monitoring as BAU
  • External expertise from a trusted partner
  • Actions planned and tasks allocated


  • Modernised and optimised
  • Empowered workforce
  • Clear goals and direction
  • Successful change and adoption
  • Continuous improvement
  • Greater efficiency


Our M365 PACE service gives you Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise to put you on course for digital maturity.

Clients keeping up with change with our M365 PACE service

From financial organisations to engineering consultancies, organisations of all sizes and sectors are benefiting from the clarity our M365 PACE service brings to their IT, processes and planning.

Find out how M365 PACE can help you 

How the M365 PACE service delivers value to you

Our service is designed to help you overcome all of your challenges with your M365 technologies, giving you personalised support to get started and to drive greater value through evergreen services.

Service value

  • Change capability – develop and help deliver your IT’s capability to react and adapt to change effectively and efficiently, without detriment to users, service quality or security.
  • Strategic planning capability – develop and support your IT’s capabilities, enabling you to review regularly that they align with and support your organisation’s strategy and direction.
  • User analytics – support your digital transformation journey with insights into how your organisation uses M365 and the technology experiences that support it.

Business value

  • Actionable – PACE gives you a core capability to develop actionable insights and deliver results and value more quickly to business and IT stakeholders.
  • Evidenced – enable data-driven decision making and improved operations.
  • Prioritise – analysis of M365 Public Roadmap and Tenant Message Centre content will provide your IT with recommendations that will help them prioritise and deliver new and changed services to your users, based on your business requirements.
  • Greater usage and adoption – analysis of M365 usage analytics and your user metadata in your organisation’s M365 tenant will provide a rich analytical capability to measure adoption trends. You can identify where users need help getting started and their preferred tools for communication and collaboration.

Outcomes of our M365 PACE service

With the support of the M365 PACE service, you’ll be equipped to better manage change, understand what action is required and deliver excellent user experiences.

Manageable change and release

  • Maintain visibility and understand the business impact of changes
  • Manage the velocity of change to minimise any adverse business impact and ensure maximum value is delivered to users
  • Identify, design and deliver business change activities required to maximise service value for users

Informed advice and communications

  • Provide advice and guidance regarding announcements published in your tenant message centre along with channel release updates
  • Benefit from analysis and guidance on major updates and the impact to your organisation

Actionable analytics and insights

  • Understand uptake with dashboards providing actionable insights in M365 technology adoption
  • Learn how your users’ work gets done with insights into people’s experience, spanning areas such as content collaboration, meetings and communication

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Our full, bespoke M365 PACE service

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  • Tailored reporting and guidance
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What does PACE stand for?


The evergreen nature of the cloud demands that today’s IT be flexible and on the front foot. With our help, you’ll understand what’s coming next and what actions are most important to your business.


If change isn’t communicated, then your technology adoption can suffer. We’ll help you make sense of the data on usage in M365 and identify the areas you need to prioritise.


New technologies need new ways of working – for users and IT teams alike. We’ll get to know your business and advise you on how to govern, implement and optimise the technologies your users require.


We’re one of the UK’s leading Microsoft partners with a long track record of helping ambitious organisations transform. We’ll give you an M365 specialist committed to applying our knowledge to your precise circumstances.

End-to-end guidance and support for Microsoft 365

If you’re just beginning to consider how Microsoft 365 can drive your digital transformation, Content+Cloud can provide professional consultancy on service design. We’ll work with you to set a target operating model and map out a journey that’s guided by expert insights and analysis.

We also offer user adoptionbusiness change management and Microsoft 365 managed services to help you make the most of your investment in the cloud.

Can't keep up with the rate of change? M365 and evergreen IT management FAQs

How can my team keep up with the pace and volume of change in Microsoft 365?

The pace and volume of change in Microsoft 365 takes many organisations by surprise. To effectively understand the changes – and how the business can use those changes detailed in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and tenant message centre – can be a full-time job.

Through PACE, we’ve helped organisations get to grips with the influx of updates and actions. PACE is more than just an IT roadmap planning tool for Microsoft 365.  We give you the dashboard view you need of usage and adoption, and map out the changes you need to know about using Microsoft Planner. But what sets the service apart is the personalised approach we take, working closely and attentively with you to understand your goals.

How can I know what Microsoft 365 changes matter most to my organisation?

Clearly there’s a whole spectrum of priorities when it comes to planning and executing an evergreen IT strategy. But for most organisations, their vision of success will include empowering people to work securely and efficiently wherever they may be. It will include a richer, more immediate view of how services work for users, and smoother processes for rolling out change. Greater agility to react quickly to change and faster roads to innovation are key.

Our M365 specialist will get to know exactly what your objectives are. They’ll join your team meetings and help you report to your stakeholders. You’ll have a constant dialogue about what’s around the corner not just in Microsoft 365, but for your business. You’ll receive bespoke reports and advice on what changes will matter most for your organisation.

Working together, we’re continually listening, learning and delivering greater innovations for their users.

How can I ensure our Microsoft 365 investment continues to deliver value?

Adoption is not a one-off exercise. Getting the full value from M365 for your business needs your continuous review and action. Monitoring the success of the tech investment may be a challenge for you – perhaps reporting to senior leadership and key stakeholders on something that’s maybe not in your comfort zone.

Our PACE service can help you with all of this. While its core components include Microsoft 365 usage analytics, productivity score insights and a roadmap planning tool for Microsoft 365, the real difference it makes is the way the service can be tailored to exactly what you and the business need.

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In this free on-demand webinar, David Francis, Integrated Services Director at Content+Cloud, looks at how IT teams and businesses must work together to achieve digital transformation.

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David Francis, Content and Code

Your trusted partner in digital transformation

As an award-winning Microsoft Partner, Content+Cloud provides support services that are anchored in Microsoft expertise. We’ll work with you to unlock the power of the cloud for your organisation.

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