At Content+Cloud, we know that no two businesses are the same. Add to this the diverse demands presented by a multitude of industries. It soon becomes clear that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all approach to delivering the managed and professional IT services, user-friendly technology and infrastructure our clients need.

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to technology. From seamless cloud migration and Microsoft SharePoint site builds to managed cyber security services, the solutions are as varied as the people who rely on them.

If nothing else is predictable about technology, one thing is for sure – every industry needs it. Whether to function, remain competitive and move into the future, well-delivered enterprise IT solutions hold limitless potential. Not only to add value to your business, but to contribute to the industry you are part of.

At Content+Cloud, we have a strong track record of providing professional IT services across a wide range of industries.

We do this by taking a personalised approach. Our skilled teams take the time to familiarise with the unique requirements of our clients’ roles and industries. We learn about their internal processes and most of all, their challenges.

It’s only then that we can gain a true understanding of which enterprise IT solutions can best solve them.

We will work with you to map a route from conception to completion within budget, achievable timelines and the legal and regulatory demands of your sector.

Unique IT challenges

Bringing technology solutions to all industries

This is a sample of some of the industries our clients operate within. We work alongside these businesses to plan and implement the cloud models, apps and platforms most suited to their needs.

It is our prerogative to help our clients remain competitive, successful and offering their customers the standout services, products and experiences they need and expect.



The 24/7 nature of communications means that your responsibilities are always on. Whether you work in mobile or telecommunications, advertising, public relations, publishing or digital media, you need reliable technology to do your job. This may come in the form of internal tools such as Yammer, or Microsoft 365. Maybe it is software that allows you to analyse and interpret complex datasets. It may be a social listening platform, cross-device email with instant notifications and tailored reminders. You need watertight, real-time technology that works for you. We helped a communications business streamline its processes and remove roadblocks to companywide data sharing. Beginning with an audit of their IT estate, our work informed big decisions around optimising their software, hardware, licensing and infrastructure. At Content+Cloud, we can connect you with the solutions you need to stay ahead in communications.

Construction and engineering


In the construction and engineering industries, technology has become a driver of positive change and progress. It has made processed more efficient, boosted productivity and in short, has made it easier for you to do business. Cloud technology enables reports, data, expense details and meeting schedules to be updated and shared instantly. Throughout every stage of construction and engineering projects – from writing proposals and capturing data to sending invoices – IT services have the potential to make improvements and add value. We provided an international engineering consultancy with an integrated digital platform built on Microsoft 365. This enabled them to connect their people, share information globally and consistently and solve key challenges in their strategy. At Content+Cloud, our skilled teams have helped construction and engineering businesses like yours modernise and move into the future with confidence.

Insurance and financial services


The emergence of the terms ‘insurtech’ and ‘fintech’ are testimony to the transformations technology is bringing to these industries. Opportunities exist to use data tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to make functions such as underwriting and processing claims more efficient. At Content+Cloud, we are committed to connecting you with these opportunities. We facilitated a complete digital transformation and offer ongoing IT support to one of the UK’s leading insurance trade association, delivering key technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) system. This has led to simpler and more reliable systems, reduced costs and improved user experiences. We also offer standout frontline support through a dedicated on-site engineer. We can work with your insurance or financial services business to bring your clients enhanced experiences. Experiences which keep them satisfied, your company competitive and drive your success.

Living+Breathing our clients’ successes - no matter the industry

Legal and professional services


Today’s legal firms face significant challenges. Among them are demand for faster project delivery at lower cost and, as a result, intensifying competition. Technology, such as low-code platforms and AI tools, presents opportunities to speed up processes and make savings. Empower your people with training in drag-and-drop app creation, saving significant costs on developer fees. Use AI to solve industry specific problems or automate everyday processes. Content+Cloud’s professional IT services can generate cost savings to pass on to your clients. Work with us to spur your digital transformation and help you retain a competitive edge.

Manufacturing and distribution


Manufacturing is being transformed by technological advancements, including AI, machine learning and increasingly sophisticated communication tools. The potential of world-class IT solutions goes way beyond the plant and production line. We assisted a global provider of digital imaging technologies in scoping, selecting and rolling out Yammer as its central communication platform. Using its translation tool removed language barriers, enabling the businesses’ people to communicate in their native languages across 116 countries. We also provide ongoing support to a UK-based tie manufacturer. Putting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in place instantly delivered the benefits of full visibility of stock levels, margin figures and future procurement needs. At Content+Cloud, our thorough planning and approach has been proven to add value for manufacturing partners old and new. This is just the beginning.

Public sector


Public sector organisations face multiple challenges to optimise the technology they use. They seek to integrate increasingly complex services into multi-sourced environments. Many are also prioritising digital transformation to meet the demands of modern business. At Content+Cloud, we have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 13 framework agreement for the supply of cloud services and cloud hosting. Some of the support we have offered includes helping public sector organisations refresh their intranets, migrate content to the cloud, optimise their investment in Microsoft 365 and roll out Microsoft Teams. Our services are used by organisations across central and local government, the NHS, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit organisations.

Explore the full list of our G-Cloud 13 services 
Cloud Commercial Supplier - GCloud



Ever-focused on delivering their mission, it is common for non-profit organisations to take up technology at a slower pace than private-sector bodies. The need for transparency and accountability around spending, twinned with a requirement to prove return on investment, can compound this further. However, the opportunities technology can bring to non-profits are no less remarkable than in the private sector. Data tools and models can identify vital statistics for your annual impact reports. Combining voice with messaging technology can enable people to donate by speaking to their phones. Working with us to identify the best technology solutions for your needs and budget could usher in transformation. It could be the change your organisation needs to thrive and achieve in a digitally transformed world.



Professionals in the media industry are no strangers to adapting to change. However, with the market, consumer behaviour and technology evolving faster than many other sectors, it can be a challenge to keep up. Many organisations in the media industry see potential in doing more with their data, training their people in better leveraging their tech stack and sourcing professional IT services that better support and progress their strategies. At Content+Cloud, the solutions and support we offer clients can enable businesses in this industry to do just that. Work with us to identify and migrate to a more efficient cloud model. Optimise and modernise your existing apps. Or usher in fresh thinking with a DevOps approach and technology that supports Agile working.

Retail and hospitality


A multitude of professional IT services enable hospitality businesses to function. From secure booking platforms and digital conferencing facilities to robust WIFI. In retail, B2C and FMCG businesses need to move fast to keep up with consumer expectations. Expectations that products can be easily viewed, purchased and returned through eCommerce platforms. Behind the scenes, retail and hospitality companies also need reliable payment processing and people management systems. They need the technology to oversee workforces that swell and contract according to seasonal demand. Partner with us to review your upcoming needs and which technologies can take you to the next level. We can help you deliver excellent customer experiences which enable you to stand out among your peers.

A provider that understands the demands of your role

Delivering IT solutions with a view of your people’s needs and motivations is the Content+Cloud approach to solving your challenges and elevating your business.

It is always a priority for us to scope and understand the demands of your role. We ensure we gain insights from the people we collaborate with before getting started on a project.

How our work supports the demands of your role 
Your Role

Sports and venue management


Sports venues face challenges in getting the most from their IT systems. These may include siloed data, cumbersome reporting methods, juggling multiple apps and lagging enterprise resource planning systems. Our people have built over 20 years of experience in supporting your sector through our legacy businesses. So, we are familiar with these challenges and how to solve them. We helped a major UK venue move their operations to the cloud. This led to reduced operating expenses and improved security. It also enabled them to remove the need for physical centres, along with the costs and resources they demand. We then delivered a full Microsoft 365 strategy and suite to keep the company’s people connected, communicating and collaborating effectively. Whatever your needs, our skilled teams can work with you to provide the enterprise IT solutions you need to stay on top of your game.

Transport and aviation


The industry which literally keeps the world moving. Transportation organisations have a unique set of requirements when it comes to technology. Airlines require robust systems for passengers to perform self-check-in and their people to capture luggage data. Light rail operators require always-on ticketing systems that can handle peaks and troughs in demand. Any transportation company needs reassurance that their passengers’ data is secure and protected from hacking attempts and malware. At Content+Cloud, we are experienced in delivering successful professional IT services to the transportation industry. From switchovers to new systems within strict deadlines to smoothly integrating legacy systems, we can provide the technology solutions your transportation business requires.

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