Managed Detection and Response Service

The cyber threats your organisation is facing are rapidly becoming more complex – you can no longer rely on antimalware tools alone to protect your people, data and systems.

Our Managed Detection and Response service can protect your organisation against advanced and emerging threats, with 24/7 monitoring and access to our deep cyber expertise.

What is Managed Detection and Response?

Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, gives your organisation access to the latest skills and resources to protect against emerging threats like ransomware, business email compromise and phishing.

Advanced threats are everywhere, affecting everyone. Cyber criminals are ahead of the game when it comes to agility in leveraging advances in technology and heavily automating and orchestrating their attacks. Our endpoint detection and response (EDR) security can systematically detect these threats and quickly contain the impact on your business.

Handling the problem end to end, our Managed Detection and Response service takes the weight off your shoulders, helping keep danger from your door and freeing your team to focus on your biggest priorities.

24/7 monitoring for constant vigilance

Get around-the-clock security monitoring that wouldn’t be possible with in-house teams.

Handle threats quickly with instant response

You can be sure that any danger is spotted before it can have an impact on your business.

Enterprise-level security without the price tag

It’s easy to manage the per-user, per-month pricing, with a lower total cost of ownership compared to building in house.

Advanced detection and response to tackle the evolving threat landscape

While antimalware solutions are reliable for detecting and containing known attacks, the problem is that the attack has already occurred – antimalware only detects the ‘known bad’.

As the threat landscape is evolving, it’s critical to be prepared at any stage of a cyber attack. But this can come at a heavy cost, particularly when you don’t have the budget for an enterprise-level tooling and cyber security operations centre (CSOC).

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Managed protection, detection and response for your endpoints

The core of our Managed Detection and Response service is based around Microsoft security technologies that cover key attack perimeters across identities, infrastructure, devices, apps and data. Our service focuses on endpoints like end-user devices and servers, where we’ll protect you with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

We tailor our MDR service to provide proactive and reactive services to manage cyber threats and their impact on your organisation with Managed Detection and Response for Endpoints.


  • Continuous high-fidelity threat detection and alerting
  • Microsoft, community and Content+Cloud developed custom detections


  • Triage and investigation of threat alerts
  • Escalation to incident status for broader response


  • 24/7 response to critical incidents
  • Leveraging automated and manual runbooks


  • Reporting on KPIs and activities
  • Access to your security portal

Continuous improvement

  • Continuous tuning of detections
  • Managing business approved exceptions
  • Tuning automated response capabilities

Advanced proactive endpoint protection for your bespoke requirements

If your security needs go beyond what is covered above, our MDR service includes a handful of optional add-on services. You can choose extra protection depending on the underlying security technology deployed in your environment, leveraging additional features available in Microsoft security products.

  • Vulnerability discovery
  • Web protection
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How can a managed detection and response service help me?

I’m an IT director with a large scope of security operations to cover – how can I be sure my business can manage threats and run smoothly?

By choosing a managed service provider for your security needs, you have 24/7 access to award-winning cyber expertise that can manage and detect threats immediately, leaving your team free to focus on what matters to your operations.

I’m a CISO – how can I assure our stakeholders that we can maintain a defensive posture?

Our MDR service evolves with the latest recognised technologies, standards and processes. We deliver a performant service you can rely on with the expertise of our award-winning cyber practice – and we share our insights and advice on critical actions that will protect your business. 

As an infosec manager, I have to consider what the most secure option is for my organisation – what can I get out of my investment?

With our MDR service, you get access to enterprise-grade tooling and resources that provide broad coverage over your security without stretching your budget, delivered in close collaboration between you and our experts.

Why choose Content+Cloud for your Managed Detection and Response?

Our expertise in security is demonstrated by our awards and accreditations:

Our MDR service is built on the same sound foundation as our CSOC, powered by Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft’s scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM).

Not sure where you’re at with your cyber defence? 

With a fast-changing threat landscape, it can be difficult to know where you stand – but we can help you figure out what you need to be prepared. Find out your current state of readiness with our handy managed detection and response calculator. 

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