Optimise your people and processes with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations offers you a fully cloud-based project management application. It keeps each step of your projects moving forward and makes sure that each employee involved in the process is productive, connected and efficient.

Content+Cloud can support you in your transformative journey with Dynamics 365 Project Operations, guiding you through the initial setup to deliver even more profitable projects within budget while increasing employee productivity.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Intuitive and intelligent, the tools built into Project Operations enable organisations to build, track and execute existing – and new – customer projects. An end-to-end service which offers you a single platform to bring people, processes and technology together to complete projects efficiently, Project Operations helps you deliver on time and on budget.

By connecting project management and finance teams, as well as project sales, resourcing, and delivery and billing teams, organisations can win more deals, accelerate completion goals and maximise productivity.

Increased visibility

Gain business insights to increase your real-time oversight of all people, data and processes, with AI capabilities for better and faster decision-making.

Optimised resources

Align the right people with the right skills to the right projects, improving your quality of work and retaining and highlighting top performers.

Improved productivity

Team members can collaborate and accelerate project delivery with integration to Microsoft Teams, turning your organisation into an efficient and productive unit, no matter where you are.

Confident project management with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Having faith in your operations begins with a solid application which supports you throughout the decision-making process. Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides a predictable and customer-centric service delivery module which allows you to plan and deliver projects with precision and clarity.

Aside from making life easier for your people and their workflows more efficient, Project Operations helps you gain greater trust and loyalty from your customers. With a focus on the terms of your contract, your approved work and expenses throughout a project, you’re better able to deliver key goals on time.

Furthermore, it helps you plan for success by visualising accurate cost, effort and revenue so that everyone is clear on what a project entails, avoiding any nasty surprises along the way.

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How to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations to optimise your resources

With the top-down clarity which Project Operations provides, you will be in total command of your people, their workloads and how you measure up to time and budget goals.

Among the business-critical benefits, you can:

  • ensure the right resources are delegated to the right projects
  • be better able to complete assignments on time due to real-time visibility
  • ensure successful project delivery thanks to unified scheduling that combines budget and time requirements
  • accurately measure decisions and make intelligent choices to get the most from billable resources
  • utilise dashboards updating in real-time to monitor who is working on what
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Streamline expenses management with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Expenses management offers you an agile and adaptable module where you can create an integrated workflow to store payment method information, import credit card transactions, and track money spent by employees when incurring expenses for your business. You are also able to set defined expenses policies and create an automated travel expenses reimbursement program.

A simplified expenses report entry has been redesigned to decrease the time required to complete fields, with greater flexibility in the visual representation available to you when analysing reports.  You can specify what data is or is not required, with a new receipt matching experience to better display header-level receipt details and simplify the overall process of receipt attachment to expense lines.

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How to use Project Operations to integrate with Dynamics 365

Project Operations is a powerful tool on its own but can be expanded for increased capabilities with the Dynamics 365 suite. This further functionality includes Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and more. Whether you need this added out-of-the-box functionality of existing Dynamics applications or require a Power-Apps custom build, everything works together as it should because of their common foundation of a secure, private and compliant cloud-delivered solution.

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Why choose Content+Cloud to deliver your Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience?

Dynamics 365 is a leading global Business Applications platform. As one of  the UK’s most trusted Microsoft partners, our goal is to help our clients work smarter and more efficiently, taking full advantage of Dynamics’ modular design and user-focused AI.

Our experts have a wealth of experience and are exceptionally well-placed to answer any questions about how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Project Operations, and can support and implement the right solution for our clients.