Rise to the digital imperative and achieve more through technology

Many organisations are well on their way to digital transformation. But how many are getting the full value from their investments?

In these fast-changing and unpredictable times, it’s critical to embrace the power of your technology – otherwise, you risk being left behind. Let’s explore how Microsoft’s data, workplace and security technologies can help you rise to the challenges the digital imperative poses.

What is the digital imperative – and what does it mean for your organisation?

All organisations are facing a variety of complex pressures – economic, environmental, regulatory and societal. It’s never been more important to harness the value that technology infuses into how you work. 

It’s likely you’ll already have begun your digital transformation, for example transitioning to the cloud or hybrid working. The digital imperative calls on you to modernise and optimise, using that technology to help you do more with less, differentiate and build resilience.  

Microsoft claims that rising to the digital imperative is the difference between thriving and standing still in the new era. There are five imperatives it calls on all organisations to embrace.  

1. Migrate to the cloud

Accelerate your migration to drive operational efficiency, deliver value more quickly and reduce costs with a cloud infrastructure.

2. Empower fusion teams

Equip teams of citizen and pro developers with tools to scale their ideas and impact.


3. Unify data and apply AI models

Gain an edge by getting your data in order and applying AI models as platforms.


4. Collaborative processes

Make the most of technology to navigate the hybrid work patterns that are now the norm.


5. Prioritise your security

Use technology, threat intelligence and human expertise against increasing volume and complexity of cyber attacks.

How the cloud will help you rise to the digital imperative

At Content+Cloud, we believe Microsoft’s three clouds offer everything you need to optimise, innovate and secure. You’ve already started to see the benefit of your digital transformation – how can you now get even greater value out of that technology and emerge from these testing times stronger?


Can you keep pace with the demands of the ever-changing Microsoft ecosystem? With the technology already in place, you need to ensure you get full value from your existing investment.


Once you have embedded your technology, you can focus on approaches that will enable innovation. How can you bring more value to your users and take the effort out of business processes? How will you ensure continued evolution for long-term success.


It’s evident that organisations are experiencing an increase in not only the volume but also the complexity of cyber attacks. The threat landscape is evolving – how can you improve visibility and better defend against these threats? 

Clients we’ve helped go beyond digital transformation

We provide ongoing services and support designed to ensure organisations can adapt and evolve, enabling them to focus on the digital imperative.

Our client Tysers has been focusing on building momentum, agility and futureproofing its business with our managed services. We’ve supported Tysers with cloud-first, forward-thinking and robust IT infrastructure that enables people to thrive in a world of hybrid working.

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Find out how you can optimise the value technology brings to your organisation in our Digital Revolution³ virtual event.  

Through 12 jam-packed sessions, our experts provide actionable insights into the solutions that can be the difference between thriving and getting left behind beyond digital transformation. 

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Digital imperative resources you might find useful

The digital imperative is all about amplifying technology to do more with less, helping your organisation differentiate and build resilience. Here are a few resources we’ve created to help you realise your digital transformation and deliver on the digital imperative.



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Embrace the digital imperative


With organisations facing unprecedented pressures, it has never been more crucial to realise the benefits of digital transformation. Now more than ever, you need to do more with less. Our guide will help you understand what the digital imperative means for your organisation, and how you can rise to today’s challenges to emerge stronger, better prepared, and more productive.

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How can business application services help you meet the digital imperative?

Enterprise Applications Business Development Consultant Duncan Kerr, Head of Business Applications Kathryn Hutchinson and Sales Manager Melanie Best explore how business applications can bring value to your organisation.

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Setting up your SharePoint intranet with Microsoft Viva

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Learn how Content+Cloud can help you optimise your technologies

We can support you on your journey towards delivering on the digital imperative by positioning your IT to meet the needs of your hybrid workplace. With our expert insights, you can gain an edge with innovative solutions in AI, data and evergreen IT. 

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At Content+Cloud, we’ve invested in building a world-class Microsoft practice, helping clients to leverage the full power of the Microsoft Cloud. We are now one of the leading Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) partners, globally.  

 As Microsoft’s 2022 Partner of the Year for Customer Experience, our commitment to client success is recognised as much as our capability for developing and delivering outstanding solutions based on Microsoft’s applications, services and devices.  

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