Service design to take your organisation’s operations into the cloud

At Content+Cloud we see service design as one of the primary building blocks in your digital transformation. The full benefits of cloud are only possible when IT and the business, transform their operating model to be faster, more agile and more collaborative.

As the UK’s most awarded Microsoft partner, living+breathing client success, we can help you create an IT operating model that’s geared towards your goals. As your strategy and services align, you’ll be able to embrace innovation and deliver long-term, repeated value to users and customers alike.

Service design to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges

As organisations increasingly move to cloud-based solutions, utilise their off-premises services and serve employees and customers around the globe, the role of IT services must evolve.

At ambitious and innovative organisations, IT is more than a service. It’s integral to organisational strategy and more critical to operational health than ever before. They align their business and IT strategies to maximise the value they create. But they also require operational alignment to ensure that IT activities deliver what their business strategies require.

Business Growth

An agile and aligned IT operating model transformation

Content+Cloud will work with you to design services that meet, and go beyond, today’s benchmark. Our deep understanding of Microsoft’s cloud technologies means we can ensure your target operating model not only aligns with your organisation’s objectives but is also responsive to future change.

Aligned with your goals

We’ll design a model in which your IT operations are intertwined with your organisation’s objectives. We’ll develop activities and documentation to help you improve efficiency and delivery as you work towards your digital transformation.

Agile and responsive

Our service design activities and deliverables will help you transition your IT services from reactive to proactive and flexible to your changing business requirements. You’ll be able to run your existing operations uninterrupted while bringing new cloud-based applications, products and services from Microsoft online quickly and securely.

Expert support

Draw on Content+Cloud’s extensive experience of digital transformation projects, with a dedicated product consultant planning implementation and a service owner providing digital insights on usage and adoption.

What service design from Content+Cloud covers

We’ll work with you to design services that are ready for any change that’s required, whether unexpected or planned. We’ll develop your capability to react and adapt to change effectively and efficiently, without detriment to users, quality of service, profitability or security.

And we’ll help you be able to plan strategically, reviewing services regularly to keep them aligned and supporting the organisation’s strategy and direction.

IT operating model design

In this initiation phase, we evaluate and develop options for the transformation of your current model to align with your organisation’s strategy.

This involves us plotting your organisational footprint and supplier matrix and mapping your IT blueprint and strategy.

Target operating model design

We’ll get to know your high-level goals and develop your capabilities for change and strategic planning.

As part of this, we’ll develop strategies for design, implementation and continual improvement.

Service introduction

This stage is critical in ensuring that products and services meet operational requirements before they are rolled out.

We approach this in two phases: first we engage and assess, then we move on to a service release and transition plan.

Your trusted partner in digital transformation

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Content+Cloud is able to provide a broad range of business consultancy and managed services to support you, no matter what your organisation’s stage of digital maturity.

User adoption, business change management and Microsoft 365 support services are just some of the solutions we offer to help you realise the potential of cloud technologies.

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