Empower your workforce with modern device and endpoint management

Giving your workforce the ability to do their jobs from anywhere opens up a world of potential for your organisation. But it also requires close management to ensure services are reliable, user experiences are consistent, and your information remains secure.

At Content+Cloud we offer a range of device and endpoint management services, leveraging Microsoft technologies, that enable your people to be connected and productive, wherever they may be.

Modern endpoint management for new ways of working

For many of us, the modern workplace is not one physical location. Where once we went to the same desk five days a week, we may now spend half that time working from home. Those of us working on the move or on the frontline need access to key resources as immediately as those in HQ.

Productivity is not about being sat at a desk – it’s about being able to work to your full potential regardless of your location or device. This is great news for employers looking to scale up operations, boost efficiency, improve employee experiences, or make savings on their office estate. But it also brings challenges in the shape of access and security, application updates and performance, setting up remote workers and more.

The benefits of our managed endpoint services

At Content+Cloud we can help you manage your resources across mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints so that you can focus on delivering the services your people need. Our endpoint device management services include device support, pro-active managed services and more, giving you a holistic approach to managing access and performance.

Embrace true flexibility

Give your users the ease of accessing the applications they need from whatever device they choose, with consistent experiences across all.

Secure by design

Keep your file and application data secure with access controls and multi-scenario security that covers everything from company devices to a user’s personal smartphone.

Proactive, not reactive

Our managed services will flag potential issues before they affect your users, cutting service disruption and impact on your support teams.

Content+Cloud Managed Device service

Optimising the health of your endpoints requires proactive management. Our Content+Cloud Managed Device service is a comprehensive endpoint management solution that will help you provision and deploy at scale, control user access, and address issues before they become a problem.

We’ll also give you a baseline security (which you can augment with our managed cyber services) coupled with proactive patching and updates for Windows and a range of standard business applications. Our services also extend to iOS and Android devices.

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Support for Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft Managed Desktop is Microsoft’s offering for organisations looking to offer Windows and Microsoft 365 applications securely to users across different Windows endpoints.

If you’re subscribed, or looking to subscribe, to a Microsoft Managed Desktop plan, we can help you consider your options and what additional managed support you may need to engage effectively with the Microsoft service.

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Modern endpoint management with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

Windows 365 has introduced the concept of the Cloud PC into the endpoint conversation. In many ways Windows 365 is similar to Azure Virtual Desktop in that both enable you to provision desktops to users remotely, securely and at scale. But there are differences in suitability based on compute requirements, set-up and price modelling.

If you’re looking to modernise your endpoints and platforms with Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop, we can help you get started. For a comparison of the two, read our expert blog on Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Modernising your printing requirements

As your organisation modernises, you’ll be looking to optimise all aspects of your services. Printers, copiers and other multifunction devices can be costly to maintain and operate – and securing these from threats is as important as any other device.

Delivered by Mirus, a Content+Cloud company, our managed print solutions can help you put the safeguards and cost controls in place that will ensure your print devices deliver maximum performance and efficiency.

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Why work with Content+Cloud on your device and endpoint management?

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success. We’ve a long track record of supporting organisations of all sizes on their digital transformation journey, including recruitment companies, regional transport operators and national charities.

Our standards of customer service and technical expertise are demonstrated by our extensive list of awards and accreditations, making us one of the most awarded Microsoft partners in the UK.