Backup as a Service (BaaS)

After its people, data is a businesses’ most valuable asset. Without information on processes, research, operations, people and customers, your business would come to a standstill.

Protect your critical data with a backup and recovery solution

The importance of protecting your data through a solution such as backup as a service (BaaS) can’t be understated. Whether you’re a small, medium or larger business, the consequences of a mishap aren’t worth the risk.

Showing your people, peers, regulators and most of all, your clients, that you are doing everything in your power to protect these assets is vital. Not only to business continuity, but to your reputation and future.

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Back up your data with convenience, ease and peace of mind

BaaS can benefit your business by bringing convenience, significant time and resource savings and peace of mind that your assets are protected to the highest standards.


Quick and easy data retrieval

With BaaS, your data is stored in several locations at once, offering multi-layered redundancy and reduced risk. This approach means backup is always available and your data can be quickly and easily recovered in the event of error or loss.


Make savings through BaaS

With BaaS, no longer will your business need servers and tape drives to perform backup. This can bring significant savings to businesses still relying on physical infrastructure. It removes the need for hardware, software, dedicated space, secure physical storage and dedicated expertise.


Enjoy the convenience of automation

Entrusting your BaaS to an expert provider means that once your data protection scope is configured, regular maintenance is not required on your part. Your data will be, at periods of your choosing, backed up without the need for manual saving.

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Preparation, planning and secure BaaS

Malicious entities also know the value of your data. This is why there are bots, hackers, cyber criminals, or all of these, attempting to access it 24/7.

On top of this, unforeseeable events, hardware failure, natural disasters such as flooding, file corruption and simple human error also pose a threat to your businesses’ data.

The best approach a business can take is to accept that it’s a matter of when, not if, data loss will occur.

The next step is preparing for it to happen and mitigating its negative effects with a diligent, always-on backup approach. This should be reinforced by thorough disaster recovery planning.

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BaaS - preparation and planning

Remove worry and legwork with BaaS

As part of our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering, delivered through out proprietary software Cloudlab, we provide comprehensive, customisable BaaS for our clients.

The choice is yours with Content+Cloud BaaS

At Content+Cloud, our in-house platform Cloudlab offers you the choice to customise your BaaS options. This includes selecting your own data back-up frequency, retention and archiving parameters to suit your business needs.

Secure backup and archiving strategy

Our BaaS solution includes a fully secure archival and backup strategy. Through Cloudlab, you’ll benefit from mandatory snapshot backup and replication.

Rapid recovery in the event of a breach

Cloudlab’s BaaS rapidly restores your files and services following accidents and data loss. This spans your entire IT infrastructure and can include all physical and virtual servers and storage devices. Your data will also be protected in the event of malware attacks.

Bounce back quickly with watertight disaster recovery

Disasters, mishaps or unforeseeable challenges can happen to any business, regardless of size, location or industry. In these circumstances, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) can reconnect you to your key software and data as quickly as possible. It can also guard your brand’s reputation, demonstrating your commitment to compliance and protecting your people and clients’ valuable data.

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Industry leading BaaS from an experienced provider

Our skilled teams can work with your business to select the BaaS parameters most suited to your processes and infrastructure. We can also offer a host of other reassurances and benefits through Cloudlab and our meticulous approach to cyber security.

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Always-on support

We know threats to your data can happen any time. This is why we offer leading, round-the-clock support. Should an incident occur, our dedicated teams will work quickly to restore your data.

A secure and trusted BaaS solution

Gain peace of mind that your assets are protected to the highest standards. We store your data across our tier-three data centre facilities. In the event of malware, such as crypto-ransomware, encrypting your files, your data remains protected.

Customise your backup options

At your request, we can conduct test restorations and instate grandfather, father or son backups with self-service restore options.