Private Cloud Solutions

Although much of our lives are lived online, the same is not necessarily the case when it comes to business. There are plenty of organisations that have not yet opted to migrate to the cloud or have not yet optimised their cloud computing model.

Public Cloud

Our unique and unrivalled technology enables us to build secure, well-governed Azure environments using automation. Benefit from our proven deployment methodology for your rapid, safe and secure Azure migration.

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Private Cloud

When you need a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards. Services shaped around your needs, including backup, disaster recovery and cost control.

Hybrid Cloud

A proven, systematic approach to your hybrid cloud, rooted in best-practice and secure-by-design. We understand the complexities of integrating multiple cloud services, giving you complete visibility and control of your estate.

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Migrate to the Cloud

Once you have chosen your preferred route to the cloud we’ll work with you to assess your current situation, priorities, and core business objectives to make sure your cloud migration project runs seamlessly.

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A private cloud exclusive to you

Using Cloudlab, our proprietary technology, we can build a private cloud exclusive to your business. With the option to host on or off-premises, your private cloud solutions will be backed by leading SLAs, designed for high performance, redundancy and security at a fixed monthly cost.


Heightened security and control

A customised private cloud infrastructure offers the highest level of control for businesses operating and managing their applications internally. This can assist with compliance in highly regulated industries. It can also help businesses guard their data while demonstrating high security standards.


Improved performance and speed

A private cloud model can improve application response times and performance. You also choose a highly specific infrastructure with networking and storage characteristics which work perfectly with your businesses’ applications.

Breaking down barriers to private cloud solutions


The majority of today’s businesses rely on public, hybrid or private cloud computing services to some degree. However, there are many reasons why others have not yet fully realised the potential of cloud computing.

We know that businesses have varied and individual needs. They may also have obligations to comply with meticulous or industry specific regulations.

For organisations in this position, the concept of moving their IT operations and sensitive data to the cloud may pose more questions than it answers.

Concerns can also exist around the cost of a private cloud. Additionally, the viability of scaling and the risks of both under-utilisation and rapid growth when servers and their management are kept in-house.

Mining the potential of a private cloud


However, evolving technology and the unparalleled flexibility of the cloud means that private cloud computing services now provide answers to these common challenges.

Costs can be kept down by opting to rent your private cloud from a provider. Where computing demand is stable and predictable, capacity needs can be anticipated and altered when needed.

In the long-term, a private cloud solution, whether hosted on-site or off, can help you move towards becoming a modern workplace and instil an agile mindset through your business.

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When are private cloud solutions the best option?

Making a confident decision on the right cloud for your business isn’t an easy task. Private cloud solutions have certain distinctions from other models which may help ease along your decision.

A private cloud designed for your needs

Using our in-house technology, Cloudlab, we will build a private cloud environment to accommodate your business alone. This creates a single-tenant environment that can allow faster access to data and programmes and reduce the risk of security breaches.

Retain stewardship your data, security and compliance

Private cloud solutions allow you keep your data and security management in-house, isolate your systems and integrate existing firewalls. This can be valuable for businesses requiring full accountability, or those with stringent or industry specific regulations to comply with.

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We’ve helped a number of businesses adopt a cloud approach

With a track record of building and managing hundreds of public cloud solutions, our approach and methods have allowed numerous businesses to make a successful switchover to a fully or partially virtual environment.

Living+Breathing a cloud-first future

Move into a bespoke future with Content+Cloud

Choosing us as a partner to deliver your private cloud solutions will bring a range of benefits exclusive to Content+Cloud clients.
Our skilled teams can build your business a highly redundant private cloud with the convenience of a complete managed service.

From build right through to post-migration support, we provide high availability backed by service level agreements (SLAs) and service credits.

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A bespoke cloud for your needs and strategy

Blending expertise and our proprietary technology Cloudlab, we can establish a private cloud unique to your business, hosted either onsite or off. This brings you the freedom to build and configure your virtual environment however you choose.

Retain complete control of your environment

Instantly redistribute your resources when demand rises. Choose your preferred operating systems, apps and other software. Specify where your data should be stored, select backup and restore schedules and manage your virtual machines through the Cloudlab platform.

Accommodate legacy apps more easily

Moving legacy apps to a public cloud can be problematic. Our private cloud solutions remove this burden with strong compatibility and the option to building around existing in-house apps from the get-go.

Scope for IaaS and PaaS

Add infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) to your private cloud solution. Once the IaaS basics, such as servers and storage, networking firewalls and data centres are established, bolt on PaaS functionality, such as development tools, operating systems and your preferred apps.

Stay one step ahead with BaaS

After your people, data is your most valuable asset. Therefore, the importance of protecting it can’t be understated. Whether you’re a small, medium or larger business, the consequences of a mishap aren’t worth the risk.

Backup as a service (BaaS) can help you demonstrate that you are doing everything in your power to protect yours and your clients’ data. In turn, it can enable continuity and guard the reputation of your business.

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