Fully managed cloud support services

At Content+Cloud we provide customisable and scalable managed cloud services, designed to unlock the potential of the Cloud and guarantee your success, today and for the long-term.

Whether you require support or on-going management of your Private Cloud environment, support with the management of your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, or a strategic partnership to optimise your apps in Azure, we can help.


The UK’s most awarded Microsoft Cloud specialist and expert Azure partner.

As one of the UK’s most awarded Microsoft partners, our accredited team span every cloud specialism. Our size and capabilities mean that as your needs change or evolve, we’ll meet them seamlessly. As you might expect, we apply tried and tested methodologies and stringent SLAs. And uniquely, our proprietary technologies will enable you to realise your ambitions faster.


A managed cloud service that flexes and scales with your organisation.

Perhaps you’re looking to modernise and streamline your services, improve your security or control your costs. Whatever your pain points and whatever your motivations, the ultimate solution will be unique to you. We’ll bring the lessons learned from hundreds of cloud engagements, guaranteeing your success. And we’ll get to know you and your organisation well; because everything we do is with you in mind.


An unrivalled depth and breadth of managed cloud services.

Shifting your business model from a traditional CapEx to an OpEx-based, cloud-first strategy can feel complicated, leading to myriad questions around cost, visibility, security and good governance. And then there’s how best to get there and stay in control. We’ll help you to develop a comprehensive cloud vision and guide you on all aspects of your cloud journey. These include leveraging the opportunities the cloud brings, managing performance and optimising costs.

Clients we’ve helped succeed with managed cloud services

Continuous management and support of your cloud.

Whether you require support with the management of your Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud environments, our dedicated cloud managed services team are on hand to ensure your success. Our team covers the full Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, Network Security Gateways and Web Apps to ensure the continuous management of your cloud environment.

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Managed Azure and private cloud.

A collection of combined services for monitoring performance and stability, managing usage and capacity, and delivering security patching in Azure estates.

Advanced monitoring.

Real time monitoring of your IT systems. Including but not limited to switches, firewalls, servers, and cloud infrastructure.

Managed security patching.

Patching of Windows servers with critical and security updates, mitigating the risk of vulnerabilities on the server stack.

Managed back up.

Real time monitoring of Azure Site Recovery platforms ensuring server back ups, replication and DR images in ASR are successful and operable. Identifying and remediating issues.

Capacity management.

Reviewing the performance of Azure tenancy and managing scale of compute up or down for appropriate utilisation.

Cost optimisation.

Combined with the capacity management element, ensures the cost of your Azure estate runs optimally, meeting financial and departmental budgets plus performance requirements.

Optimise your costs in the cloud with Azure.

The public cloud is a consumption-based model where you only pay for the resources you need when you need them. With the appropriate management and analysis, many organisations achieve cost savings over a traditional IT infrastructure with intensive capital investment cycles.

As you modernise your environment with Azure, the cost of your legacy infrastructure should reduce, allowing an improved distribution of budgets to higher-value services. With Azure, we can adopt three common strategies, helping you to avoid unpleasant surprises and project future cloud costs. 

  • Implement Azure cost management tools: Create Azure budgets – global or scoped spending limits, use forecasts, and create alerts on certain thresholds
  • Use workloads appropriately: Ensure virtual machines are right-sized and the correct storage tiers are used. Use automation to stop or deallocate VMs
  • Leverage cost-saving opportunities: Reserved Instances provide cheaper VMs and services for longer commitments, equating to a 72% discount. Using Hybrid Benefits you can re-use SA licenses with Azure, with a 40-55% discount
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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Full range of services to support the on-going management of your cloud journey.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Your secure enterprise-class infrastructure-as-a-service platform (IaaS). Benefit from the support of a dedicated account manager and enjoy the freedom of a scalable platform with optional backup and disaster recovery.

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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Unlock the significant cost-savings of Azure by adopting cloud-native services or move your existing apps to PaaS. And if necessary, we’ll help you modernise them. Our specialists live and breathe the Azure cloud; with our delivery and management frameworks, your success is assured.

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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Whether your data resides on-premises or in the cloud, keeping it in one location can be a risky strategy. If you’re looking for professional backup solutions, strong SLAs and a partner you can pick up the phone and talk with – then please contact us.

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Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

Work with us to develop your application architecture. Take every advantage of modern application approach with Azure’s cloud-native services that will help your organisation innovate faster.

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App optimisation for the Cloud.

Work with us to develop your application architecture. Take every advantage of modern application approach with Azure’s cloud-native services that will help your organisation innovate faster.

Need support for your cloud?

We understand each of organisation has a varying range of requirements when it comes to support in the cloud.

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