Microsoft Teams Voice for futureproof, flexible calling

Microsoft Teams Voice gives you a phone system fit for the modern workplace. Easy to set up and hosted securely in the cloud, Teams Voice allows you to connect your people and customers with ease – all on one fluid communications and collaboration platform.

At Content+Cloud we have world-leading technical expertise and a long track record of delivering Microsoft Teams Voice consultancy services to organisations of all sizes. We can help you prepare, deploy, integrate, manage and optimise your phone system, transforming experiences for users today and beyond.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Voice? And why now?

The cloud has revolutionised the way we work, providing the platform for greater flexibility, security and scalability. Many organisations now benefit from the collaboration and productivity benefits enabled by modern workplace tools such as Teams – but their phone systems haven’t followed suit.

Leaving behind your ageing PBX phone system will help you bring your calling capabilities into the new age – but it’s also a matter of increasing urgency. With the PSTN telephone network being switched off in the UK in 2025, organisations need to start thinking about going wholly digital – and the type of phone system they’ll need in the post-PSTN world.

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How Microsoft Teams Voice can address your calling challenges

Moving to a new system – and the urgency of change – may feel overwhelming. But Microsoft Teams Voice provides a solution that’s as simple as it is transformative.

At Content+Cloud we’ve helped organisations serving more than 120,000 users to seamlessly harness the benefits of a cloud-based phone system via Teams. As your partner in transformation, we’ll work closely with you to ensure Microsoft Teams Voice delivers a phone system that fits your needs and gives you lasting value.

Futureproof your phone system

Running your phone system in Teams will ensure you’re set for the PSTN switch-off. But you’ll also benefit from the evergreen nature of the cloud – no more waiting for maintenance or holding out for the latest features.

Integrate seamlessly across the workplace

As your people are working through Teams, calling and collaboration will all happen in one place. If you need to integrate bespoke apps or introduce new forms and processes, we can help you with that too.

Choose a plan that suits you

If you’re already using Teams, all you’ll need to do is add a Teams Phone licence from Microsoft, then your choice of calling plan. We can help you find a plan that suits you, either through our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing options or through Microsoft’s own calling plans.

How your phone system in Teams Voice works

To get started with calling in Teams, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 licence and the Teams Phone licence (already included in E5 licenses). Then you’ll need to choose between Microsoft Teams Direct Routing or a Microsoft Calling Plan.

The way it works is similar to your traditional PBX phone system – just without the clunky infrastructure typically seen on premises or at offsite providers. Microsoft Teams Voice provides full audio-conferencing capabilities, and your plan will give you the lines and numbers you need to start making and receiving calls.

If you’ve more bespoke or complex requirements – such as a busy reception or contact centre, compliance call recording or global calling – Content+Cloud is able to help you set up and manage the services you need using our Microsoft 365 and infrastructural expertise.

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What’s the right Microsoft Teams Voice plan for you?

Unsure how much Microsoft Teams Voice will cost you? Wondering what type of plan will deliver the best value for your organisation? Our Teams Voice Cost Calculator will give you an estimate to inform your thinking around your budget and plans. 


At Content+Cloud, we hold a Calling for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialisation. This means that we are uniquely positioned to support businesses with their transition and onboarding of Microsoft Teams Voice.

We’re currently serving around 90,000 users a month through direct routing.

We've helped a number of organisations to deploy Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Voice consultancy services and support from Content+Cloud

At Content+Cloud we provide a broad range of services that will help you leverage the benefits of Microsoft Teams Voice for your organisation, users and customers.

Here are a few examples of where we can support you.

Microsoft Teams Voice consultancy services

We can give you end-to-end Teams Voice services, including advice on Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and plans. And through our Sipcom HALO Platform cloud architecture solution, we can give you global coverage with phone numbers in 120 countries.

Find out more about our Teams Voice consultancy 

Managed support for Teams Voice

Whether you’re already using Teams and Teams Voice or are soon to deploy, we can offer a fully managed service to support you. Our service includes investigation and management of call quality issues, implementation of user and service requests, usage reports and a Managed Meeting Rooms service.

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Microsoft Teams Voice Devices

We can provide a range of certified Microsoft Teams Devices in every size, for every space and working style. We can also assist if your users access your services via their own devices.

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Voice and data services

If your needs are broader than just calling, Content+Cloud is the ideal partner for you. We can help with a range of services spanning unified communications and connectivity, as well as full professional and managed services across Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

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