Privileged access management to secure your entry and end points

Protecting your organisation’s assets from external hackers is a constant battle – but may of the most catastrophic breaches are perpetrated by people who already know where to access your information.

Content+Cloud provides comprehensive privileged access management, using best-in-class tooling, that ensures only approved people can access your services.

What is privileged access management?

Privileged access management (PAM) is an approach to reducing the risk of breaches across your IT environment, whether that be by external hacking or internal malpractice or negligence.

To do this, PAM safeguards systems and devices by setting and managing access controls, bringing together the technologies and processes required to ensure that a user has right level of permission. PAM works alongside identity and access management solutions by adding greater control and auditing of privileged users and activity.

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How privileged access management from Content+Cloud helps you

Content+Cloud provides all your privileged access management requirements from one single solution, protected by multifactor authentication. You’re able to tighten your privileged access, limit access to functions, and record and audit sessions for full transparency.

We follow the principle of ‘least access’ to minimise the risk of privileged credential misuse. By automating passwords and sessions, and delegating access to your privileged credentials, we protect your critical assets, accounts and interdependencies from misuse.

Features of our service

  • Tiered and restricted access based on role
  • Full session recording and auditing for all remote sessions
  • Secure storage of access credentials
  • Access and credentials restricted based on role and/or responsibility
  • SSH and URL access capability (web portals, routers, firewalls and switches) in the same single portal
  • Automatic injection of credentials into all sessions

Optional service add-ons

  • Restrict application(s) and device access to engineers, third parties and IT teams to allow focused access only to the specific areas they support
  • Automatic rotation of access credentials (upon completion of remote sessions, for example)
  • Proactive password credential management including re-cycling of Active Directory account passwords
  • Remote access based on agreed scheduled windows
  • Remote access can be subject to prior integrated seamless approval process

Privileged access powered by BeyondTrust

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success and seek the very best tooling for our managed services.

To deliver privileged access management to our clients, we have built a service upon BeyondTrust’s world-leading PAM and identity management solutions. This means we can give you simplified credential management powered by BeyondTrust’s world-class password management capabilities.

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How our privileged access management service works

Our privileged access management is delivered without any sessions being initiated outside of your estate. We can use Jump Clients or extend remote connection protocols over an encrypted tunnel over HTTPS, removing the need for VPN tunnelling, port-forwarding or complex firewall configurations.

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Our security accreditations and certifications

We work tirelessly to uphold the strong standing that we have built within the cyber security industry. Our comprehensive list of accreditations includes ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications.

We’re a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and align our services with regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI DSS, FCA regulations and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

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