Service Integration and Management (SIAM) to streamline supplier management

If you’re reliant on multiple suppliers to deliver your IT services, it can easily become a challenge to ensure everything is on track and delivering the value to your organisation.

At Content+Cloud we can simplify this for you. Our service integration and management capabilities enable us to act as your service guardian, managing processes and vendors in line with our robust standards.

What is service integration and management?

Service integration and management, or SIAM, helps organisations using multiple service providers to avoid the pitfalls of disjointed services. For example, you may be using different vendors across multiple parts of the business, or the same vendor working to separate contracts for different departments, all to different processes or service levels.

SIAM brings your supplier management into one place, giving you a holistic view and making your services more manageable. But even getting to this point can be challenge for a dispersed or stretched in-house team.

At Content+Cloud we provide services that enable a multi-provider management approach delivered in-house or through our experienced shared-service teams. Whichever you choose, you’ll take control of complexity, and increase efficiencies and improve your users’ experiences.


Best-practice processes

Apply best-practice, ITIL-aligned processes consistently across your IT estate.


Innovative tooling

Manage all tickets and reporting through the world-class ServiceNow self-service platform.


Boost performance and value

With one point of contact, you’ll cut time dealing with multiple processes and platforms and focus on delivering value.

Why use Content+Cloud as your service integration and management partner

At Content+Cloud we’ve worked with large enterprises, government and the private sector to deliver SIAM. We can act as your service guardian, managing all services provided by ourselves and others using established good practices.

Our IAM approach covers four stages:

  • Discovery and strategy – mapping your current scenario and drawing up your strategy
  • Plan and build – designing your move to a new operating model
  • Implementation – managing your transition to SIAM
  • Run and improve – delivering the service with a focus on continuous improvement

If you choose Content+Cloud as your multi-provider management partner, you’ll be in the hands of some of the most qualified SIAM, IT service management (ITSM) and ITIL experts in the UK. We’ll manage all elements of your IT services apart from the financial transaction between you and your suppliers.

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Self-service SIAM through ServiceNow

At Content+Cloud we use ServiceNow as our ITSM platform. We’re able to integrate the platform with a range of in-house and external supplier tools to give you full performance transparency. You’ll have the insights you need to enable greater flexibility in your operations and sourcing.

All of our standard processes supported in the toolset and we even have our own DevOps team focused on ServiceNow.

If you wish to handle multi-provider management in-house and are looking for best-in-class tooling, we can help you adopt ServiceNow at a low entry cost.

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Ticket management aligned with robust process management standards

Our ITIL-aligned Process Management Team will ensure you have industry-standard approaches to incident, change and problem management. We’ll ensure that your users are placed at the heart of all processes and procedures.

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