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As a leading Azure migration specialist, with advanced specialisations and accreditations, Content+Cloud is an end to end platform services and solutions provider.

We will support and enable your transition to the cloud from existing on-premises environments; map your requirements and posture with a Cloud Readiness and Adoption assessments; and provide cost-optimised IaaS cloud migration onto Azure (or our own Cloudlab IaaS platform) as well as enabling you to leverage PaaS, and app modernisation and optimisation solutions.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure offers a lot more than Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities to your organisation. Azure is an expanding set of cloud-based solutions, services and applications that are designed specifically to help your organisation scale and grow to meet your digital and transformational needs and challenges.

Using a range of tools and frameworks, Microsoft Azure allows you to host, build, manage, optimise and deploy applications at scale for your organisation, in the cloud. By taking small steps or even big ones with Azure the world of bots, improved data analytics, AI and machine learning are all opened up to you and your digital transformation ideas. Let us help you explore.

Increase productivity and lower costs.

Azure enables you to efficiently develop and manage your applications. Moving to Azure will eliminate the expense and cost of setting up on-premises servers and data centres, so your organisation can focus its resources where they matter most.

Consistent application development.

With Azure, you can simplify the development and deployment of your business applications. Azure provides a consistent framework for programming, data services, app services and DevOps tools to support your organisation’s requirements.

Unified identities across your organisation.

Azure supports you in centrally managing all your identities, across your organisation, and is a key part of a well architected security model and approach and to protect against unauthorised access to your systems.

Operate seamlessly with Hybrid Cloud.

On-premises or in the cloud, Azure is designed to support your organisation, wherever you are on your cloud journey. Using Azure means you can integrate and manage your apps, tools and services, all designed for a hybrid cloud environment.

How we can help you with Azure

At Content+Cloud we provide the full breadth of services to help you succeed with Azure. We offer everything from technical consultancy on migration and modernisation to a managed service, underpinned by our capabilities as an Azure Expert MSP, that helps you monitor, manage and optimise for continuing value.

Read about our Azure technical consultancy  Find out more about our Azure managed service 

Clients we’ve helped succeed with our broad set of Cloud and Azure consultancy services.

Azure is a flexible, scalable and open cloud-first ecosystem.

As organisation’s either start or complete their cloud transformation journey’s, understanding the continuously evolving capability of the Azure ecosystem is key.

Designed to provide flexibility in technical and cost design, scalability for varying workloads and endless potential with functionality designed to support digital transformation, the Azure ecosystem is immensely powerful. This is where Content+Cloud’s technical and functional understanding of Azure can help.

We have invested in IP and solutions to get you there faster including our own Velocity Landing Zone, alongside critical Azure management toolsets, all underpinned by market leading and uniquely qualified Azure specialists.


Deliver a secure foundation for your cloud environment.

At Content+Cloud, security underpins everything we do. Azure provides a proactive approach to securing your organisation’s critical data, while making the access to Microsoft’s full suite of security, compliance and privacy tools. Azure enables your organisation to rapidly identify, protect and mitigate threats in today’s global threat landscape.


Azure streamlines compliance and enables transformation.

With Azure’s built in controls and compliance management tools, we can work with you to provide clear and concise implementation and guidance support and provide comprehensive audit reports to simplify your compliance process.


Azure will detect threats early.

Using not only native security functionality within Azure and M365, Microsoft’s AI enabled Security and Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, Sentinel, provides proactive and real-time cyber security alerts and intelligence, enabling your organisation to identify new threats and respond quickly to mitigate risks effectively.

Our Azure adoption methodology

Our four-stage Azure adoption methodology (Assess, Propel, Evolve, Excel) is designed to take organisations from a standing start with Azure through to modernisation and continuous optimisation.

The process is designed in accordance with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Well-Architected Framework. As you move towards continuous cloud adoption, you may use services from stages 3 and 4, modernising and optimising with the support of our fully managed service.

All activities are delivered through our Azure Cloud Centre of Excellence.

Get your cloud migration assessment 




  • Cloud strategy and outcomes
  • Sustainability goals
  • Tools-based discovery
  • Azure immersion workshops


  • Application discovery and dependency mapping (5 Rs of Migration)
  • Cloud native/hybrid architecture design
  • Skills readiness plan
  • Azure infrastructure review (existing Azure tenant)
  • Eligibility review for Microsoft programmatic benefits

New to Azure?




  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Azure technical delivery and consultancy
  • Migrate to IaaS, PaaS or SaaS
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  • Data migration and modernisation
  • Application modernisation and rearchitecture
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure modernisation
  • Containers

Using some Azure services?



Managed service

  • 24×7 support and monitoring
  • Service management portal
  • DevOps and SecOps
  • Cyber Security Operations Centre
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance services
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Architecture reviews
  • Microsoft CSP billing management
  • Strategic roadmap


  • Right-sizing and Reservations
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • FinOps
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Self-service resource provisioning

Azure mature?

A Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

Content+Cloud has Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status – which means we’re one of the global elite, in terms of Microsoft’s Azure specialist partners. The Microsoft Azure Expert MSP programme highlights only the most capable partners offering Microsoft Azure services to clients embracing Azure as part of their digital transformation strategy.

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