Managed vulnerability scanning for your whole environment

Staying on top of vulnerabilities is a critical task – but managing this across your whole environment can be an overwhelming challenge.

Content+Cloud’s managed vulnerability scanning service lifts this burden from your team, helping you identify and fix vulnerabilities across your networks.

What is vulnerability scanning?

Threat actors are constantly on the look-out for weaknesses in your network – whether that’s exposed software, undetected bugs or poorly configured services. Vulnerability scanning reduces the surface area for attackers by proactively identifying your weaknesses.

Vulnerability scanning is needed frequently due to the speed at which the threat landscape evolves. And it should go beyond your internet-connected networks – social engineering techniques mean threat actors are increasingly able to access user devices and identities to exploit vulnerabilities behind firewalls.

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How vulnerability scanning from Content+Cloud gives you surety

At Content+Cloud we can provide you with a centralised, customised vulnerability scanning of all your assets for over 30,000 different vulnerabilities.

Our managed service will help you satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements, and give you holistic assurance against attack from third-party applications and services.


Proactive and actionable

We know that managing constant threats can be a strain. That’s why our vulnerability scan service can be configured to your particular needs. We’ll also help you prioritise the issues that need attention first.


Flexible and tailorable

Our approach begins with us assessing your vulnerability profile. We deliver 90°, 180°, 270° and 360° services for your operational environment, covering the spectrum of internal and external infrastructure and applications.


Accredited and certified

Our comprehensive list of accreditations includes ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications. We’re a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and align our services with the Cyber Essentials scheme.

What our vulnerability scan service includes

At Content+Cloud we take a holistic approach to vulnerability scanning. Our managed service takes you through assessment of your environment to delivering vulnerability scanning seamlessly as part of your usual business.

Technology and vulnerability discovery

We start with a comprehensive view of your technology estate. We assess the type of operating systems and software you use, including those not directly exposed on the network.​

Our managed vulnerability scanning service can be configured to scan your technology in greater depth and identify vulnerabilities that other surface-based vulnerability scanning tools or services would not identify.​

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Intelligent prioritisation

Vulnerability scanning can reveal a huge number of actual and potential vulnerabilities. This can overwhelm IT teams to the point where they’re unable to undertake any actual mitigations.

We provide reports that aid prioritisation in mitigation activities, allowing your IT team to tackle critical vulnerabilities that represent the greatest return in attack surface reduction.

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Highly accredited in managed security

Your services will be delivered our highly skilled Cyber Security and Operations Centre (CSOC) team, whose qualifications and experience range from specialist security operations to security management.

Further vigilance through our managed assurance service

We can also deliver a continuous, comprehensive managed assurance service, giving you the surety that the key areas of cyber health are being managed appropriately. Our service includes:

  • Remediation support and IT health checks
  • Social engineering testing (phishing and physical)
  • Staff training and security awareness workshops
  • Quarterly reports and recommendations
  • Alignment with Cyber Essentials
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