SD-WAN solutions for secure and simple cloud-based architecture

SD-WAN – or software-defined wide area networking – brings simplicity, security and cost-effectiveness to your architecture.

Content+Cloud’s SD-WAN solutions make it easier for you to manage and optimise your applications, creating greater experiences for your customers and employees.

What is SD-WAN and how does it meet your challenges

Productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction – these all can be enhanced or damaged by the availability and quality of your services. With more and more business conducted via online applications, this relentless traffic can put your services under strain.

Managing your application performance across multiple locations and with large numbers of devices and users is a complex task. And with so much data flowing through your networks, you have the critical responsibility of navigating the ever-evolving range of cyber threats that target your users.

SD-WAN solutions will help you tackle these problems head on. They help digitally focused organisations such as yours to deliver an optimal service and experience to users. SD-WAN providers will help you deliver higher performance at a lower cost than traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) infrastructure.

How SD-WAN works

SD-WAN is a software-defined virtual WAN architecture that enable you to manage your applications and connect users securely.

It works as a layer that can sit above almost any transport service, such as MPLS, fibre Ethernet or even 4G/5G. The intelligence in the SD-WAN core enhances security and traffic is prioritised to provide a far richer end user experience.

At Content+Cloud we can provide SD-WAN solutions that will get you up and running with an infrastructure that will robustly underpin a first-class user experience. Working with our partner Aryaka, we’ll back this up with a managed service to ensure you get the most from your cloud-based data service.


Stronger security

Steel your services against cyber threats with proactive protection, with policies easily managed in one place and applied across multiple locations.


Increased efficiency

View your complex architecture through one simple lens with analytics dashboards. Enjoy higher productivity and lower operating expenditure thanks to cloud-based services.


Improved user satisfaction

With greater availability and seamless connections between clouds, you can optimise your applications and optimise workflows to bring improved experiences to your users.

Why partner with Content+Cloud as your SD-WAN provider

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success. We work with organisations across all sectors to help them revolutionise their digital connectivity and infrastructure. As well as voice and data services, we can provide a range of professional consultancy and managed services for all aspects of your digital transformation.

Let’s talk about your SD-WAN services requirements 

Managed SD-WAN services to secure and optimise your infrastructure

At Content+Cloud we provide end-to-end services that will help ambitious organisations succeed. We deliver SD-WAN solutions with our partner Aryaka, a market leading global SD-WAN provider.

Together, we provide a full SD-WAN managed service that addresses issues such as application performance, WAN security, remote working and high MPLS costs. The Aryaka network also connects to public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, allowing optimal performance and security by bring those services closer to your end users.

Here’s an overview of some of the areas our SD-WAN services cover.


  • Network optimisation
  • Advanced acceleration

Multi-cloud networking

  • Public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud)
  • SaaS applications

Actionable insights

  • Reporting and performance dashboards
  • Usage statistics
  • Predictive analytics


  • Edge and cloud security – secure access service edge (SASE)
  • Virtual firewalls from Check Point and Palo Alto networks
  • Managed virtual and physical firewalls

Fully managed service

  • Automation and orchestration
  • Global network operations centres
  • 24/7 support with monitoring

ExpressRoute: a secure connection to Microsoft Azure

Looking to move workloads into Microsoft Azure? Azure ExpressRoute give you a private connection that’s reliable, secure and fast. ExpressRoute connects you to Azure’s datacentres via a fibre Ethernet service that is installed into your office or datacentre, delivering lower latency than a typical Internet connection.

As a Microsoft partner and a leading Azure specialist, Content+Cloud can give you advice and the means to connect to Azure via ExpressRoute using our network of service providers.

Talk to us about ExpressRoute