Access support through ServiceNow, a world-class ITSM platform

The quality of our managed services is built on our technical expertise and unwavering customer focus. To deliver a service of the standard our clients demand, we use the best tools available.

ServiceNow is one of the world’s leading ITSM providers. At Content+Cloud we harness ServiceNow’s capabilities to manage all our processes and deliver a self-service platform that gives your teams the big picture and your user the speediest resolution.

What is ServiceNow? How Content+Cloud brings ITSM self-service to you

ServiceNow provides a SaaS management tool that’s genuinely among the best in the world, ranking consistently in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. At Content+Cloud we believe it’s the perfect tool for delivering our managed services and support to our clients.

We invest heavily in ServiceNow’s capabilities so we can serve the varied needs of our clients. We use the very latest Now Platform Rome release and have our own DevOps team dedicated to the platform.

All of our standard processes are supported in the ServiceNow toolset. When we bring you onboard, we ensure all of your data lives in its own domain, ensuring security and scope for customised services.


Access knowledge and support anywhere

Your ITSM self-service portal can be accessed online, anywhere, and can be integrated with your device security systems. Phone and email requests are also managed through the platform.


See the full picture

ServiceNow lets you see instantly how your service is performing. If you want to understand where demand is peaking and reallocate workloads, just head to its customisable dashboards.


Integrate into your environment

If you’re using your internal engineers or other third-party providers for some services, we can integrate ServiceNow across all teams. We can even help if you want the self-service portal to carry your organisation’s branding.

What is Information Technology Service Management?

ITSM – Information Technology Service Management – is the delivery of IT as a service. This means placing people at the heart of IT and focusing on the value services bring to users. Reducing costs, raising ROI, connecting cloud services and satisfying users are all achievable benefits from this strategic approach to IT.

This resonates with us strongly at Content+Cloud. As a managed service provider that lives+breathes client success, we use ServiceNow to deliver services that will improve user experiences and help you realise your strategic goals.

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Our ITSM self-service toolset

Accessing ServiceNow is simple for users and secure. This is achieved through:

  • A web portal for all request and incident raising and tracking
  • Interaction through email and phone
  • Secure access through SSO, Active Directory and Azure AD Integration
  • Extension of the solution into your internal IT team, if required, for assignment of tickets

If required, we can also help bring the portal into your organisation’s branding for a smooth user experience across your tools and platforms.

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Reports and dashboards in the ServiceNow ITSM portal

ServiceNow allows you to view performance analytics in real time, helping you see demand and allocate resource where it’s needed. We can configure your dashboard to your particular requirements, allowing you to view data such as:

  • Trend reports showing ticket volumes over time
  • Location of tickets across your organisation – highlighting localised issues
  • Aged tickets that may be about to breach SLA
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Simplifying your outsourced services with Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Do you use a number of external providers for your IT services? At Content+Cloud we can streamline the management of this for you. We’ve got extensive experience in service brokerage, technical integration, ITIL-based process integration and business engagement.

We’ll support with multi-sourced, outsourced and in-sourced service models. Using ServiceNow, we can manage and integrate complex, on-premises and cloud-based estates.

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Service delivered to the highest standards

Our ITIL-aligned Process Management Team will ensure you have industry-standard approaches to incident, change and problem management. We’ve achieved ISO accreditations in service quality, data security and business continuity, giving you assurance when choosing our services.

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Tooling for your network monitoring and cyber security

We use ServiceNow as it’s one of the world’s premier ITSM providers. We believe that delivering award-winning services requires the very best tools available.

We apply this principle to all the support we offer. That’s why we use Forrester Wave Leader ScienceLogic to power our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Microsoft Sentinel for our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

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