Understand your clients with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Customer relations are at the heart of today’s business environment, but the ability to create flexible and evolving customer experiences depends on a reliable and thorough view of your entire customer base.

Content+Cloud can help you begin to discover how to use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and empower your marketing, sales and service professionals to tailor 1:1 interaction at scale, leading to actionable insights, connected customer experiences and detailed customer awareness.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a tool used to consolidate and enrich customer data, from their contact details to commercial interactions with your organisation. Analysing information from multiple sources via Customer Insights allows users to gain greater understanding of

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights returns detailed analytics from across all your customer engagements, recording transactional history and behaviour to build a holistic view of individuals. This in turn allows you to discover new trends, predict future behaviour and decisions and gain clarity when assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Aligning with your target audience’s expectations creates an efficient and proactive workflow, ultimately driving greater productivity and better customer experience.

Real-time insights

Customer Insights offers powerful real-time capabilities to monitor consumer behaviour, campaign response and commercial growth.  

Target audiences with clear focus

Define customers based on behaviour, demographics and characteristics to create personalised marketing campaigns and customer experience.

AI-powered analytics

Utilise machine learning to record and report on customer insights, intent and preferences, allowing you to automate marketing strategies and audience engagement.

Real-time customer insights with Dynamics 365

One of the primary benefits that Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can provide is its real-time capabilities to monitor and analyse consumer behaviour.

This up-to-the-minute understanding of reactions to your campaigns, market growth and customer preferences enables you to take timely measures in the event of a failed campaign and to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Real-time marketing allows you to create deeply personalised customer engagement using your insight data as a mould for specific target audiences.

With Customer Insights data, you can target individual customer profiles and segments, to engage every customer, as well as create dynamic email content based on metrics such as loyalty status, subscription renewal date or parent account.

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How to use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to unify customer data

With connectors built into the platform, Customer Insights allows you to eliminate silo working processes and create singular points of data entry and analysis. Further, your data can easily be cleaned and placed into a common format with the use of AI and machine learning recommendations.

Customer Insights provides you with merged customer profiles from your data source, producing a Customer Card for each person’s profile, offering you the opportunity to drill deeper into the data and configure the platform to gain improved understanding of your customers.

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Custom reporting and presentation with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Customer Insights gives you focus on your customers’ choices, from how they access your website and content channels to their purchasing history and preferences.

It provides you with predictive and consistent analytical power which enables you to determine customer-related KPIs, customer growth and order value over a fixed period, allowing you to approach market segmentation with a logical structure.

This ability means you can foresee with confidence how best to engage with your audiences, which marketing campaigns to focus on in certain areas, and most crucially what future customer activity is likely to draw the greatest commercial value.

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Extend Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with AI and the Microsoft stack

Using Microsoft Azure’s machine-learning capabilities combined with historic data, it becomes possible to generate customer-focused recommendations and predictions simply and precisely.

Another valuable feature of Customer Insights is its ability to synthesise with other Microsoft software. For example, fusing the reporting capabilities of Customer Insights with Power BI, your users can produce visual presentations from complex analytics.

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Why choose Content+Cloud to guide you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 is a leading global ERP platform. As one of the UK’s most trusted Microsoft partners, our goal is to help our clients work smarter and more efficiently by taking full advantage of Dynamics’ modular design and user-focused AI.

Our experts have a wealth of experience and are well placed to answer any questions about how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and can support and implement the right solution for our clients.