Your Role

Building knowledge of our clients’ industries and their unique technology needs is vital to us as a business. So is becoming familiar with the everyday challenges and needs of a wide range of professional roles.

At Content+Cloud, we believe it’s important to take this into consideration. It is always a priority for us to scope and understand the needs of the people we collaborate with before getting started on a project.

Supporting people and departments with choice technology

We know that every person has unique motivations and problems to solve. Every achievement they make not only contributes to their business, it contributes to their personal progress.

At Content+Cloud, we are invested in the success of our clients. Not only at a group level, but on an individual level.

We create relationships with people, as well as organisations. Taking the time to familiarise with what drives them, roadblocks they encounter when it comes to technology and the goals they are working towards.

Our holistic approach to finding perfect-fit solutions for our clients is what we believe sets us apart and drives us to keep on succeeding.

Whether together or individually, your success is our success – that’s the Content+Cloud way.

Serving clients across all roles and sectors

Account Executives

As an account executive, your radar is always scanning the environment. You tirelessly seek innovative ways to present your businesses’ best propositions. Our IT solutions are designed to help you reach and communicate with your target contacts and showcase products through fast and slick technology.

Change Managers

Mapping and managing change is no smooth process. Often, the benefits of big changes take time to become visible. Which is why we assist with team integration, training and ongoing support to onboard your people and processes with minimal disruption.

Chief Technical Officers (CTOs)

You wear many hats as a CTO. From the diplomacy of integrating legacy companies to spearheading digital transformation and remaining vigilant of your threat landscape. Our IT solutions support you in developing watertight plans, SMART objectives and delivering value-adding changes within budget and to deadline.

HR Directors

Technology is vital to performing your HR director role successfully. From sourcing compliant and secure systems to house sensitive personal data to ensuring your people can sign policies and declare expenses on user-friendly apps, our IT solutions strive to meet the needs of HR professionals.

IT Directors

Finding new ways to innovate while leading. Executing strategies that deliver value while proving your technology investments generate return. All in a day’s work for a successful IT director. Reliable IT solutions from a trusted provider can help you meet stakeholders’ needs and stay on top.

PR and Communications Directors

Keeping people informed and empowered, both internally and externally, requires fast, current IT solutions and support. From sophisticated listening tools offering real-time data to accurate PR and social metrics for reporting, we know how important technology is to the 24/7 world of communications.

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