Business change management to deliver your digital transformation

Business change management, in simple terms, takes your organisation from its current ways of working to a future that’s aligned with your vision. But the reality of business change is complex. It can involve multiple new solutions and, depending on your organisation’s size, tens, hundreds or even thousands of end users who’ll need to get to grips with the new ways of doing things.

At Content+Cloud, we live and breathe client success, and are one of the UK’s leading providers of Microsoft-driven digital transformation. We have years of experience in helping organisations manage change, supporting their people in making individual transitions to a better future.

Avoid the common pitfalls of change management in business

We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes and sectors to help them manage business change. Across all, we see common barriers. A lack of support from leadership, underestimating the strength of employee resistance, poor communication on the reasons and vision for change, and training that doesn’t cater for the diversity of needs among the workforce – all of these can stop business change in its tracks.

We provide support that will help you negotiate the pitfalls of change management. We’ll help you plan, deliver and reinforce change effectively, clearing the path to achieving your vision.

Planned and methodical

Our Prosci-qualified change management professionals will plan each step towards effective change. In the preparation phase, we’ll take a deep dive into your current ways of working, helping to understand your end users and stakeholders, setting out governance and planning communications.

Delivering change

Once plans are in place, we’ll help you manage the process of change. We’ll work with you to onboard and develop the champions who can advocate change in their local teams and build the desire to change. Together, we’ll develop compelling communications and both quick-start and detailed collateral to train users of all levels.

Reinforced by insight

We’ll help you understand levels of user adoption by sharing practical insights from Microsoft 365, allowing you to refine your change strategy and highlighting the areas where you need to focus next.

A recognised leader in business change management

At Content+Cloud, we’re one of the UK’s most awarded Microsoft partners, making us best placed to provide end-to-end technological and cultural consultancy and services for transformation at your business.

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How Content+Cloud’s change management consulting services can help you

Working with Content+Cloud on your change programme will give you the best of two worlds – you’ll be able to draw on our leading Microsoft 365 expertise as well as our Prosci-accredited change management capabilities.

While we tailor our approach to the needs of each client, we always begin by exploring the rationale for change. Our business change management methodology is based on the trusted ADKAR change model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) and will give you full support on critical aspects of your programme.

Robust governance

We’ll work with you to help define a governance and best practice strategy for Microsoft 365. This includes a strategy for defining processes and for identifying what tools are to be recommended for your end users’ tasks.

Clear and consistent communications

We’ll help you overcome employee resistance by identifying the channels and messages that can best communicate your vision. We’ll support you with communication plans, training and coaching, giving you the means with which to engage champions, stakeholders and end users.

User adoption

Successful user adoption will likely be a critical indicator of your change programme’s success – that’s why we plan it in from the start. We’ll help you understand your users’ needs by workshopping and developing personas and storyboards. Once your solutions are in use, we’ll keep the momentum up with floorwalking, drop-in sessions and buzz days.

Meaningful, actionable analytics

We’ll give you the detail and recommendations you need to analyse adoption and take action. Using Microsoft 365 Analytics, we’ll provide you with a scorecard on adoption and a measurement plan for feedback, compliance and your KPIs.

Support before and beyond change management

Content+Cloud provides an end-to-end portfolio of technology services anchored in Microsoft expertise. This means we can support you at all stages of your digital transformation, from mapping out how your services can deliver full value on your investment to managing how they operate following deployment.

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Stay ahead of change in Microsoft 365

Our M365 PACE (Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise) service gives you tailored, expert guidance for Microsoft 365 to put you on course for digital maturity. With a dedicated M365 specialist working alongside you, you’ll benefit from structured advice to help you navigate pace and complexity in M365, all focused on the things that deliver greatest value and assurance to your business.

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Business change management at a pace to suit you

At Content+Cloud, our long-standing client relationships exist because we strive to consistently meet and exceed their expectations. We offer packages for digital transformation to suit all levels of readiness. For those who want to move at speed, we can support with FastStart implementations and migrations.

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