AI security and innovation with Private ChatGPT for your business

ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly changing the way we work and do business. However, many organisations may find that use of the publicly available technologies brings powerful opportunities but also risks.

Content+Cloud’s Private ChatGPT is built with industry compliance and protection in mind, keeping you safe from the risks posed by public AI solutions. You can realise the potential of AI for every user with a solution tailored to your specific needs in a secure environment which prioritises security as well as innovation

What is Private ChatGPT?

Private ChatGPT helps organisations leverage AI to shape their future. Offering everything you expect of enterprise services, Content+Cloud’s Private ChatGPT not only allows you to keep a tight rein on your most critical information but can also extend across your technologies to form the broad basis for long-term success.

Hosted entirely in your Azure environment and with a simple user interface your employees will understand immediately, our solution allows you to provide safe ChatGPT access with your stamp on it. All data stays within your organisation’s cloud environment, allowing safe use of AI with tasks related to sensitive data such as clients, products, employees, and more.

Private ChatGPT also provides a foundation from which you can integrate your data, automate processes with GPT, and provide AI capabilities to other apps and services, including the Microsoft Power Platform. Supported by Content+Cloud’s expertise in AI and automation, you’ll be able to unlock even greater value for your organisation.

Talks to us about how Private ChatGPT can work for you 

Your ChatGPT, your branding

Whether they’re in the office or remote, nothing is more important than making your people feel at home while they work. That’s why your Private ChatGPT will use your own company branding, turning our creation into your solution.

Extend AI capability with your data

You can extend our base platform to include your own data and information, no matter where it is stored, without the limits and restrictions of public AI tools.

AI that integrates with you in mind

With multiple front-end options and the ability to work with complex environments, the tools for success are at your disposal. Whether you want a simple, fast-start solution or have more complex requirements, you’ll eliminate security risks, and your sensitive and proprietary information will remain secure.

How Private ChatGPT can benefit your business

For organisations that have already seen the benefits of tools such as ChatGPT, Private ChatGPT can enhance the way they engage with this new model of AI in many ways.

Whatever your needs, Private ChatGPT offers you a production-grade quality product with the critical security features that are missing from the public tool.

Never lose your prompts and responses

With chat history, you retain every engagement you have with the AI. One of the most popular features of public ChatGPT, a full record is available to you without sharing sensitive information.

No need for passwords

With all your access requirements tied to your corporate identity, single sign-on means you no longer need a username and password to access AI.

Streamlined deployment

Lean on our expertise in Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI to deploy a tested, enterprise-grade solution. Our accelerator combines the best of Microsoft building blocks with our tailoring for production use.

The latest LLM technology

Private ChatGPT runs on your choice of LLM model, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. As GPT-4 availability widens, our solution supports switching with minimal effort.


Opt out of chat history storage

Choose to stop the default 30-day prompt and response storage – widely used as an abuse and misuse monitoring tool – with an opt-out feature only available in Azure OpenAI.

Constant security

All your data, all your prompts and all of your responses remain securely in your own Azure environment, so you never have to worry about your sensitive information being used to train future public GPT models or passed to third parties.

Private ChatGPT for business solution options

Our Private ChatGPT is available in two plans – get started quickly or build a service to suit more complex needs:


Get started quickly with our ready-to-go offering:

  • Prescriptive baseline based on common needs
  • Your branding and colours (simple)
  • Choice of URL
  • Single-sign on with AAD
  • Per-user chat history
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Tailor our service to meet your needs:

  • Support for complex Azure environments/governance policy
  • Additional instances for dev/test
  • Alternative front-end (SharePoint/Fresh intranet, Teams, Power App)
  • Specific Azure tailoring, such as private endpoint configuration, custom certificates or tailored configuration
Discuss your specific needs with one of our experts 

Private ChatGPT: the basis for greater innovation and evolution

Your adoption of Private ChatGPT opens up a new world of potential for efficiency, productivity and creativity, all made possible by automation and AI.

Content+Cloud can support you throughout your AI technologies journey, offering guidance and support no matter how your needs develop. Whether you want help with forming a long-term AI strategy or simply managing your current solutions, our experts will ensure you are not left on your own.

Adding subsequent automation tools may help you realise your vision, whether it comes via Microsoft Syntex, Microsoft 365 Copilot or the Power Platform. Whatever your plans for AI and automation, we can help you bring your ideas to fruition.

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Public ChatGPT and Private ChatGPT: your questions answered

What is ChatGPT?

GPT stands for ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer’ and is a Large Language Model (LLM) which has been trained on a huge database of internet-based text to generate human-like conversation. The ‘Chat’ part of the name refers to it being a chatbot.  

ChatGPT has quickly become a global phenomenon, gaining more than 100 million users, with Bing Chat, and Google Bard some common alternative AI tools. 

How can I use ChatGPT?

You engage with ChatGPT just as you would another person on a messaging app. By typing in requests – known as prompts – you can request the AI to write something, to summarise text, to extract information, to translate, to explain complex ideas, to reword existing text – even to brainstorm ideas with you. 

Are there security risks associated with public ChatGPT?

Although it has racked up more than 100 million users in a very short period of time, there are dangers with relying on a public, unsecured GPT tool. Because so many people don’t realise that the AI stores every single piece of information it receives, they aren’t aware that their data may be used to train AI models or shared with a third party.

As an example, if you ask ChatGPT to summarise a confidential financial report into an executive summary which you can then use to present to stakeholders, the financial information you provide the AI with – and everything contained in the report – will be stored forever in ChatGPT’s database. Later, if another user asks a future model the right questions, the AI may unintentionally reveal what you have told it in the past 

Businesses employ thousands of people who deal with confidential data and are now using ChatGPT daily. The risk potential is huge.