Content+Cloud can help your organisation evolve

Our mission, that we live and breathe is, to empower ambitious organisations and their people to succeed. We do this in four main ways – transform, evolve, secure, support.

Evolve: “To change or develop gradually.”


Typically, transformation involves new ways of working, new ways of reaching and servicing customers, and new ways of taking key services to market. Our task is to leverage technology to make such bold ambitions real.

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On their digital journey, our clients have many different priorities. Some ask us to increase collaboration by unlocking Microsoft Teams, improve user adoption and engagement, or develop a mobile app to raise levels of customer satisfaction.


Poor security can compromise organisational and personal data, disable users, lock systems, create regulatory and financial exposure, prevent business from being transacted and, most importantly, undermine corporate reputation.

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There is a direct link between high-quality user support and high-quality business performance. Put simply: it’s not easy to deliver your best business results if your people are unable to take advantage of the technology that you’ve invested in.

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The world is continually evolving. So should your business

It is often said that the only constant in business is that there is no constant. In a digitally transformed world, this is more than just an expression.

Across all industries, customer needs, market trends, security threats, technologies and competitors are continually evolving.

The technology which supports your business, along with the processes and methods underpinning it, must flex to meet an ever-evolving marketplace. In addition, changes and transformation are often necessary to retain a competitive edge.

Anticipating and solving the challenges your business faces

Change management within a business is not always easy. Roadblocks can come in many forms. From replacing legacy systems and moving to a private, public or hybrid cloud to managing cyber security risks and developing an all-encompassing strategy.

People and teams can also be resistant to the new. Solid planning, twinned with reassurance and training, is often necessary for successful adoption of new technologies.

Client's whose technologies, strategies and businesses we have helped evolve

The Content+Cloud approach

At Content+Cloud, we work with organisations across a wide range of roles and industries to implement positive change.

How we help you navigate change

At Content+Cloud, we know successfully delivering new solutions, software and process goes way beyond switch-on. This is why we offer all the services you need around this to set you up for smooth implementation and maximum takeup.

Business change and adoption services

Change can be invigorating and exciting and has the potential to motivate and drive your people. It can also be daunting if those invested in its success do not have a clear way forward. This is where our teams of adoption and change specialists come in. We will help you prepare and train your people to manage new processes and systems.

We do this through the ADKAR model, we help you plan, articulate and deliver the reasons for change. We can also assist in developing a Microsoft 365 governance strategy, delivering user training, setting up detailed user reports and mapping personas among your user base.

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Managed IT support

An evolving business needs flexible solutions. You may need a dedicated service desk with 24/7 support. Or perhaps you’re looking for a shared service desk to scale with your business. If you’re working on a global scale, perhaps you require support to meet the needs of your users around the world. Our IT support services can deliver remote and deskside support for your UK and international locations.

We also offer shared and dedicated service desks and IT supplier management. Whatever your needs, our skilled teams offer proactive, proportionate managed IT support that suits your company’s size, requirements and ambitions.

Management of your IT 

Consultancy for change planning

Your businesses’ evolution doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes a lot of effort, time and most of all, planning. Your journey is unique, so there is no such thing as a ready-made roadmap. We offer a range of services to give you a 360-degree view of your current position and options.

These include cloud migration strategies, assessments of your current IT systems and roadmaps for the delivery of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) workloads. Our experts will work with you to evaluate where your business stands, develop a roadmap to your goals and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Access leading consultancy 



We helped a leading career management organisation confront and solve its operational challenges by scoping, designing, building and supporting a new futureproof core IT system. The outcome was a private virtual cloud platform that could be scaled on demand, according to user volumes. It demonstrated the flexibility to accommodate a seasonal, remote and growing workforce.

The UK’s leading trade association for insurers chose us as its partner for strategic advice and support to constantly evolve its technology roadmap.

We helped a private equity firm not only migrate to the cloud, but to ensure functionality such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-on could be deployed in future.

Our change management ethos does not end with our clients.

Within our own business, we have built this mindset into our systems, processes and culture, enabling us to adapt and evolve.

In short, we live and breathe the methodologies we advocate.

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