Managed security patching for maximum protection and availability

Security patching is critical to the safeguarding of your organisation’s assets and the availability of your services. But scheduling and applying these patches can in itself be a drain on a stretched IT team’s resources.

At Content+Cloud we offer a managed security patching service that allows you to fully outsource the maintenance of your infrastructural performance to our highly skilled cyber specialists.

What are security patches?

Security patches are software updates to fix flaws and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. The security risks of not patching your systems are huge – leaving you open to cyber attacks and data breaches.

Most security patches are relatively quick to apply – but in the modern IT environment, the frequency at which they’re required can become a challenge. It can be a time-consuming and complex process to manage, particularly in larger or hybrid environments.

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How Content+Cloud’s managed security patching service can help

At Content+Cloud we understand that organisations need to keep pace with application updates and service packs as they are made available, whether to resolve known issues or unlock additional features and benefits from line of business applications.

But we also know from our clients that managing all of this change across multiple applications while maintaining service availability can be difficult. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling and custom patching agreements that document supplier-managed applications that may require ad-hoc patching.

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How we schedule your security patching

Our accredited engineers first check the integrity of the most recent backup routines. They’ll then plan and deploy patches at a convenient time agreed with you.

Following deployment, we’ll bring your services back online, before fully user testing and returning to service.

Regular Microsoft updates

Microsoft release security roll-up updates to the public on the second Tuesday of each month. Content+Cloud applies these critical and security updates to your production environments in line with the agreed patching schedule.

Pre- and post-check

We perform checks prior to application of updates as well as post reboot to confirm services are operational. This is more clearly visible and detected when linked with an advanced monitoring service.

Dependency and reboots

We’ll plan schedules to fit your maintenance windows, considering dependencies and business applications. Reboots are performed in line with these dependencies, minimising downtime during patching.

Managed security patching powered by Datto

At Content+Cloud we pride ourselves on our commitment to client success. That’s why we use best-in-class tooling to deliver our managed services.

For our managed security patching service, we use an award-winning software management tool, Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), to audit and deploy server and endpoint patching, alongside other server and endpoint maintenance tasks.

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Our security accreditations and certifications

We work tirelessly to uphold the strong standing that we have built within the cyber security industry. Our comprehensive list of accreditations includes ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications.

We’re a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and align our services with regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI DSS, FCA regulations and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

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