Mature, proactive and strategic service management

As your organisation progresses and evolves, you may find that your IT services no longer align with your vision or deliver what you need – or are becoming difficult to manage.

At Content+Cloud we take a partnership approach to how we provide your IT support. We’ll work with you hand in hand to deliver proactive and optimised services that deliver continuing value to your people and business.


IT services that drive your evolution

If you’ve been using managed service providers for some or all of your IT services, you’ll know the value this brings in terns of flexibility and the freedom to focus on high-value activities. But over time, you may have found that your services have not kept pace with your ambitions.

Your IT estate may have grown more complex, with a range of providers working to different processes and SLAs. You may simply need a fresh perspective on how your services can enable growth and improvement.

Whatever your challenges, Content+Cloud can help you succeed. We understand that services need to evolve to meet your user and business needs, and can guide you on the path to ongoing optimisation.


Your strategic partner

We’re not just a transactional provider – we’ll work with you on achieving your strategic aims. The more we work together, the more we’ll refine and tailor our advice on the services that best fit your requirements.


Future-focused expertise

With more 300 engineers and a range of accreditations and awards, you can be assured of the breadth and depth of our expertise. We’ll provide proactive insights and recommendations to ensure you’re on the front foot.


Built on solid foundations

We follow ITIL best practices, ensuring robust processes and continual service improvement. All our standard processes are supported in our toolset, powered by ServiceNow.

How we help you evolve and mature with service management

At Content+Cloud we’re committed to your continuous evolution. We provide a range of attentive, proactive services to enable you to refine, adapt and your IT services to meet your changing needs.

Process management

Our process management support follows recognised ITIL standards yet is designed with your particular requirements in mind. We’ll help you deliver services that resolve issues more efficiently, deliver change successfully and improve user experiences.

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Service delivery management

We offer a wide range of service delivery management, from a light wrap-around on the support we offer to a fully dedicated service. Our service includes a dedicated service delivery manager committed to continual service improvement.

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Service integration and management

If you’re using multiple suppliers across your organisation, we can simplify this for you. We’ll act as a service guardian, managing all providers in line with ITIL processes and giving you a single point of contact for all services.

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ITSM self-service through ServiceNow

We manage our IT services, processes and supplier management through the world-class ServiceNow platform. This gives you a highly secure and accessible self-service portal that integrates seamlessly into your environment.

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Providing dedicated IT support and service desk management to a full spectrum of clients

With a broad portfolio of clients, we recognise the unique demands of all industries, sectors and business owners, and know that no two are alike. Our IT support services are based on the demands and needs of our clients, and their users, and our own ever-growing experience across the public, private and third sectors; as well as SMBs, mid-market and enterprise clients.

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