Azure app monitoring, optimisation and governance for better performance and lower costs

Azure app monitoring, cost optimisation and cloud governance will help you deliver services that delight your end users, achieve your organisation’s goals and deliver continued value.

At Content+Cloud, we can guide you in the ongoing improvement of your app and platform performance. We’ll ensure Azure delivers its maximum potential for your organisation and your end users alike.

The impact of Azure app monitoring, optimisation and governance

Cloud platforms such as Azure open up endless possibilities for organisations looking to deliver modern services. Azure allows innovation at scale and speed, flexibility in cost and resource, and excellent user experiences across all devices and locations.

To realise ongoing value from Azure, however, needs constant attention – which is where many come unstuck. You may not have the capacity to monitor how your apps are performing, or to ensure governance is being followed across multiple teams. You may even be paying more each month for Azure resources than you need to.

At Content+Cloud we offer Azure app monitoring, optimisation and governance services that will give you the full picture on your performance. As a leading Microsoft Partner delivering a 24/7 global managed service, we’ll take the effort out of monitoring Azure and give you the direction you need to continue getting get the maximum benefits from the platform.

Deliver greater experiences

With the full picture of how your apps are performing and are being used, you’ll be able to optimise their underlying components and configurations, delivering greater service and experience to your end users.

Reduce costs

Ensure you’re only paying for the resources you need with performance and usage monitoring, budgeting tools, elastic services and cost-saving opportunities.

Stay secure and strategically aligned

Our robust support will keep you secure and on track, with management tooling and infrastructure solutions enabling governance at scale. We can even give you technical account management support with your roadmap and strategy.

Azure app optimisation

As technologies evolve and user expectations change, the performance of your apps may be affected. Reduced availability, reliability or speed can all have a negative impact on your users.

Azure app optimisation services from Content+Cloud ensure you can improve app performance, increase user satisfaction and maximise the value your cloud services deliver.

We’ll help you analyse usage and adoption of your Azure apps so that you know how and where to optimise. We can also help with modernising your older apps so that they’re built in the cloud, ensuring they’re easier to maintain, upgrade and scale with minimal impact on the end user.

Features include:

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Azure cost optimisation

It’s often said that moving to Azure will save you money compared to your legacy services – but with so many resources available, it’s easy to lose control of costs. Our Azure cost optimisation services can help you make this transition, freeing up resources for higher-value services and innovation. We’ll work with you to understand your consumption and guide you on where you can make savings.

Examples of our Azure cost optimisation strategies include:

  • Cost management tools to create Azure budgets, forecasts and spending alerts
  • Workload monitoring and automation to ensure right-sizing of virtual machines and storage tiers
  • Leveraging of cost-saving opportunities such as Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit or Reserved Instances of virtual machines in Azure
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Azure cloud governance

A key benefit of Azure is its capacity to offer scalability and flexibility, underpinned by Microsoft’s security standards. But managing services across such a vast environment requires robust standards of governance.

Our approach to Azure cloud governance ensures that your teams adhere to the standards you’ve set, meeting compliance requirements and aligning with your organisational and technology strategies.

Features include:

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“We are already working with Content+Cloud on the next phase of our project to implement PaaS services such as Azure DevOps, Azure Web Apps and Azure SQL and, with a recently announced facelift to our e-Learning platform, we know we can depend on them to help us deliver this with success.”

Senior Support Analyst, public sector client

Why choose Content+Cloud for your Azure app monitoring and optimisation

At Content+Cloud we have unparalleled expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies and have been an Azure partner since its launch. With more than 75 accredited Azure experts and more awards than any other Microsoft partner in the UK, we’ll give you the deepest technical knowledge of Azure and related services.

Combined with this is our track record of supporting organisations of all types on their digital transformation journey, from local councils to international finance firms.

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A partner for all of your Microsoft technologies

At Content+Cloud we can support you at all stages of your Azure journey, from strategic Azure consultancy to an ongoing managed service accredited with Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status.

But Azure is only one component of your cloud transformation. As a Microsoft partner, we can also provide expert consultancy, development and continuous support on Microsoft cloud technologies, from modern workplace tools to the Power Platform and business applications.