Call recording that’s clear, compliant and flexible to your needs

Call recording gives you powerful customer insights that help you develop your operatives and optimise your campaigns. It also gives you assurance in legal matters, from disputes to regulatory compliance.

At Content+Cloud we offer call recording services to suit all sectors and business sizes. We’ll give you robust and high-quality call recording solutions that will free your teams up to deliver value to your customers and your organisation.

How call recording services can improve your quality and compliance

Call recording helps you transform your phone conversations. It gives you invaluable material for employee training, improving performance and enhancing customer experience. It also gives you evidence for when a customer disputes your decisions or if fraudulent activity has taken place. But getting call recording right is a complicated task.

You’ll need to comply with multiple regulatory requirements or industry standards setting rules on consent, responsibility, data retention times and more. These include GDPR and MiFID II in the EU, and PCI-DSS globally – and if you operate internationally, there may be laws and regulators particular to each market you serve too (such as the DPA and RIPA in the UK). Ensuring compliance can be complex. But the penalties for failure can be huge.

Business Growth

Enterprise call recording solutions that go further

At Content+Cloud we can provide solutions for all scenarios – from governmental call centres to small business and enterprise call recording. We’ll give you high-quality call recording, powerful performance analytics driven by AI and the flexibility to scale your service whenever and wherever you need.

With complexity removed and compliance ensured, you can focus on delivering customer services and maximising the value of your unified communications investment.


Compliant communications

We’ll ensure MiFID II compliance with opt-out option and help you meet GDPR requirements with deletion and retention policies, stored nationally and locally. Through our eDiscovery tools you’ll be able to audit and authenticate recordings and capture digital signatures.


Seamless integrations

Our enterprise call recording solutions work with market-leading applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Broadsoft and 3CX, as well as private branch exchanges (PBX) from Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, Siemens and more.


Plans to suit you

We work with organisations ranging from small businesses and start-ups to governments and enterprises operating across multiple clouds, networks and locations. Regardless of your size, sector and requirements, we can provide a call recording service that delivers.

Why partner with Content+Cloud on your enterprise call recording solutions

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success. We work with ambitious organisations of all types and sizes to transform their voice and data services. As well as professional consultancy, we can provide fully managed services, advice on cyber security and compliance, and more.

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Enterprise call recording packages from Content+Cloud

At Content+Cloud we understand that each organisation has its own particular call recording requirements. That’s why we provide a range of plans that can help you get the right balance of core and value-enhancing features while ensuring quality and compliance. Here’s an overview of the call recording services we offer across different platforms.

Skype for Business call recording

Microsoft Teams call recording

SIP call recording (for all other call plan providers)


Call recording

Stereo recording

Video recording

Audio conference recording

Video conference recording

IM recording

Shared desktop recording

Playback and export

Call export with digital signature (WAV, mp3)

Call playback

Performance and monitoring

Agent and quality performance management

Call scoring

Live monitoring

Coming soon


Visual and acoustic recording announcement

Recording plan based opt-in announcements

Coming soon

Analysis and transcripts

Emotion and sentiment analysis

Keyword and keyphrase analysis

Script analysis

Natural language processing

Best of breed analytics

Precise conversational transcription

Multi-language GUI

Compliance, retention and security

GDPR, MIFiD II, eDiscovery, HIPAA compliance

Retention period (definition based, from one day to endless)

User individual (multiple) retention periods

Multiple note/tagging capability

Access log for security/compliance

Media encryption


Opt-in server integration possibility

Coming soon

Ethic walls

High availability

Microsoft Teams call recording and voice services

Content+Cloud is the only Microsoft Partner to be able to offer you a complete end-to-end solution for Microsoft Teams calling. We have some of the foremost experts and MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) with experience in Microsoft voice solutions. And through our Sipcom HALO Platform cloud architecture solution, we can give you global coverage with phone numbers in 120 countries.

You can rely on the highest-quality advice and managed services from the people who know Microsoft best.

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