Living+Breathing Windows 365

Windows 365 is a Cloud PC experience that allows you to have a high-quality, dedicated Windows desktop experience from any device.

The freedom to access services and information from anywhere has become the standard that your employees expect with the move to a more hybrid way of working. At Content+Cloud, we can support with the roll out of Windows 365 across your organisation to ensure all your people enjoy the same high-quality experience, regardless of their device or location.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Made for today’s hybrid workforce, Windows 365 is a Cloud PC solution optimised for simplicity. Harnessing the cloud’s power, flexibility and security, Windows 365 gives your employees seamless access to their corporate apps and content from any device.

At Content+Cloud we’re ideally placed to help organisations like yours get the most from this way of serving your users. We were selected by Microsoft to test Windows 365 Cloud PC before its global launch and continue to work with Microsoft to deliver the benefits to our clients.


Free users to work from anywhere, on any device

With Windows 365, anyone in your organisation can stream their desktop securely on any device, picking up where they left off on a different PC.

Keep the same user settings across any device

It’s not just files and apps. Each user’s personalised settings are configured from the Windows 365 cloud.

Scale your organisation’s cloud PC network

You can easily and securely set up and manage cloud PCs across your organisation with end-to-end management.

We’ve helped our clients get the most out of Windows 365 cloud PC

At Content+Cloud, we live+breathe client success. Our mission is to help organisations like yours succeed with Windows 365. We’ve supported clients of all shapes and sizes on their digital transformation, so we understand that every organisation is different. Let us help you.

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Windows 365 Business vs Enterprise

Windows 365 is a flexible Cloud PC solution made for the hybrid way of work, whether you’re a small to medium-sized business (SMB) on a Business plan or a large-scale organisation on an Enterprise plan.

Content+Cloud can not only help you quickly get started with your chosen Windows 365 plan but provide a range of managed services to get the most out of your subscription. Here’s what each plan can do.

A personalised cloud PC made for hybrid working

A Windows 365 Business plan allows you to support your organisation’s hybrid workforce with minimised security risks and fixed, per-user pricing.

It makes it easy to quickly get your workers started on any device with a streamlined user experience with the security of cloud storage. You can also scale your subscription to suit your cloud PC specifications.

Simplified cloud PC management for your enterprise-level organisation

With a Windows 365 Enterprise subscription, you can easily configure your organisation’s PCs with centralised end-to-end management.

You can choose from a variety of devices and operating systems in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). It also allows you to easily adjust your subscription if your computing configurations change, even for different users.

Why choose Content+Cloud for your Windows 365 cloud PC integration?

Content+Cloud was selected as one of just a handful of Microsoft’s global partners to collaborate on Windows 365 ahead of its launch.

Our hands-on involvement in the development of this cloud PC solution has given us a unique insight into Windows 365. Our specialists are the first to hear about the latest developments, sharing what they’ve learnt to help your organisation get the most out of your cloud PC solution.

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Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Compared to Windows 365, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is optimised for flexibility. Azure Virtual Desktop might be a better choice to support more complex or specialised requirements.

As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), Content+Cloud is recognised as one of Microsoft’s most capable partners offering Azure services and a Microsoft specialisation in Azure Virtual Desktop.

We can help you assess which of your use cases are best supported by Windows 365 or where Azure Virtual Desktop may deliver more value.

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Comparing the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

Azure Virtual Desktop​

  • Pooled or dedicated desktops to support requirements​
  • Support for legacy Windows platforms​
  • Application streaming using layering technology
  • Capability to monitor and manage cost​
  • Profile storage optimisation using FSLogix​

Windows 365

  • Dedicated Cloud PC​ assigned to each user
  • Simple and quick provisioning​
  • User and workload needs met by different SKUs​
  • Predictable per-user-per-month pricing​
  • Local storage with support for cloud saving using OneDrive​

Get the most out of Windows 365 with our managed desktop services

Our Device and Endpoint Management services will provide the expertise you need to get your people set up with cloud PC, freeing your IT teams to focus on delivering value to your business.

As one of the first Microsoft partners to work on Microsoft Managed Desktop, we have long-standing expertise in supporting organisations of all sizes with Windows 365 and Microsoft 365 applications across devices.

And with our comprehensive Content+Cloud Managed Device service, we provide a proactive managed service focusing on identity and access management, device management and endpoint deployment.

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Work with a leading Microsoft partner and pioneer in Windows 365

Content+Cloud is an award-winning Microsoft partner providing professional and managed services across the three Microsoft clouds: Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

Our team of expert consultants and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) live+breathe client success, having already supported hundreds of organisations in their digital revolution.

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