Cloud phone systems: high-quality, low-cost professional VoIP telephony

Cloud phone systems give you the benefits of enterprise-standard telephony without the hassle and cost of traditional networks and devices.

At Content+Cloud, we can help you get up and running with the features and flexibility demanded by today’s businesses.

How cloud phone systems transform your communications

If you’re an ambitious or fast-paced organisation, you’ll need a communications capability that’s as nimble as you are. But if you have plans to move your operations, acquire or consolidate businesses or set up overseas, your on-premises phone system can stop you in your tracks.

Similarly, today’s ways of working require new communications solutions. The hybrid office model means many people expect, and are expected, to be able to work on the move, across locations and devices. If your company relies on its employees being connected – to each other and to your customers – how do you maintain the quality, joined-up service they’re used to?

Cloud phone systems for small business and large enterprises

Cloud-based enterprise phone systems solve these problems. As the service is virtual, you’re no longer looking at expensive installations, configurations and maintenance. If your business moves or expands, your phone system can quickly adapt to the new requirements. Your users can easily make calls across connected devices, such as desk-based IP phones, mobiles and even PCs or laptops.

As experts in unified communications and collaboration, Content+Cloud can help you plan and deploy a cloud phone system that will meet the particular needs of your organisation. You’ll benefit from high-definition call quality and secure, resilient services, all ready to go in minutes.


More mobility

If your workforce is field-based or splitting time between home and the office, cloud phone systems will keep them connected, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.


More flexibility

We’ll make it easy for you to get set up swiftly, using your own numbers if you wish. Once deployed, your cloud-based phone system will allow you to scale up and down or even move locations without any interruption to service.


More than calling

Cloud-based enterprise phone systems allow you to go further than calling, with messaging and collaboration features available. If required, we can also seamlessly integrate your system with your chosen business applications.

Cloud-based enterprise phone systems for all sectors

We’ve helped organisations of all sizes and sectors, from financial service providers to luxury goods groups, revolutionise their communications.

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Better, easier, quicker: features of cloud-based phone systems

From greater user experience to wider availability, cloud-based enterprise phone systems improve all aspects of your voice communications. Here are a few of the specific benefits you can enjoy.

High-definition quality

With HD voice quality as standard, you’ll hear every word, free from interference and misunderstanding.

New service, same numbers

If you need to keep your numbers, we can port them across using our Sipcom HALO Platform. We’ll take care of the regulatory admin and prevent any interruption to service.

Access to emergency services

If you’re operating in a country that requires you to provide emergency services access, we can help with all verification, compliance and connection.

Keep – or change – your provider

You can move to a cloud phone system without changing your internet provider. Alternatively, you can talk to us about our connectivity services and global coverage through our Sipcom HALO Platform.

Ready right away

Need to get started today? Cloud-based phone systems allow businesses small and large to move at speed. We can get your new numbers live the same day.

Constant connections

If your employees are offline, that needn’t mean the end of the conversation. In the cloud, voicemail and call redirection can be set up and accessed from any place, any device.

Why partner with Content+Cloud on your cloud calling solutions

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success, helping ambitious organisations at all stages of digital transformation. As well as professional consultancy, we can provide full support with business change and adoption, guiding your way to successful technology deployment.

Cloud phone systems supported by Content+Cloud

Unsure which cloud-based phone system is right for your business? At Content+Cloud we’ll work with you to understand your particular requirements and help you decide on the right solution. Here’s an overview of the systems we support.

Microsoft Teams Voice

At Content+Cloud we have some of the world’s top Microsoft experts. Our services will help you get up and running with the calling features within this leading productivity and collaboration hub.


UC-One simplifies business communications. Cloud calling, messaging, file-sharing and meetings are all available to your employees on the move, accessible on iOS, Android tablets and smartphones.

Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a cloud phone system for small business from Cisco Webex. This powerful VoIP system keeps your employees connected with one app for calling, meetings and messaging.

Get global coverage with Sipcom HALO Platform

If you have a global footprint or have ambitions to do so, you’ll need unparalleled global coverage. We can provide this through our Sipcom HALO Platform, giving you phone numbers in more than 120 countries.

HALO’s scalable cloud architecture can be fully integrated with market-leading VoIP platforms and CRMs.

Find out more about our Sipcom HALO Platform