Microsoft FastStart Services

With our experienced specialists at your side, we can help you get your projects up and running in days and weeks, rather than months and years, through our series of Microsoft technology FastStart services.

Get off the blocks with our Microsoft FastStart services

Your business is evolving to face the demands of a digitally transformed world and to retain a competitive edge in your marketplace.

Part of this change may be deploying new technologies that better serve your business. Or training your people in Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

Perhaps you need to introduce a formal knowledge management system to centralise approved content. Or establish a bid centre to capture and track opportunities in one central platform.

At Content+Cloud, we can help you get your projects up and running with our series of FastStart packages.

Our FastStart programmes are designed to deliver logistical benefits. From mapping timelines and managing integration to monitoring success. They also offer the opportunity for your people to enter a collaborative environment that inspires understanding and ideation.


Prepare the ground ahead of deployment

FastStart packages take your projects’ key stakeholders from conception to kick-off in weeks or even days. This precursor can equip your people with everything they need ahead of planning the rollout of key enterprise initiatives and technologies. Whether Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams or bid centres and communications portals. This approach can ensure all eventualities are considered and planned-for, setting your projects up for the best possible outcome


Involve and engage your people

Without the adequate involvement and onboarding of your people, change can be as daunting as it is exciting. Content+Cloud FastStart programmes are designed to help you map your projects and changes in full view of your teams. They also create the perfect environment for sparking ideation, gaining your people’s input and valuable contributions. Show your teams their input is valued and face the changes and challenges of the future together.


Peerless knowledge and experience behind you

FastStart services are facilitated by Content+Cloud experts. Many are renowned in their fields. This positions them perfectly to offer specific guidance and focused advice. During our FastStart programme, they will steer you on aspects such as product integration, configuration, reporting and measurement. You will have their undivided attention and full set of skills. You will also have their prior experience behind your projects and planning.

Clients we’ve helped hit the ground running with our effective FastStart programmes

Microsoft Teams FastStart


Showcase and fully leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams with our FastStart programme. Accelerate a pilot setup while evaluating how this capable communications and collaboration software can empower users. Our Teams FastStart programme can also assist larger organisations with building a business case for investment and wide-scale rollout.


  • Identifying a FastStart team
  • Configuring your FastStart team
  • A Microsoft Teams FastStart review session


The review session features review pilot feedback, completed information architecture of pilot Teams, and learnings and recommendations on the next steps you need to take for rollout. Our Microsoft Teams FastStart programme will also leave you with up to three Microsoft Teams Configured.

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SharePoint Teams Sites FastStart


SharePoint Teams sites FastStart is designed to offer a full picture of the capabilities of SharePoint Online hub and Microsoft Teams sites.

Accelerating the setup of your SharePoint Online collaboration pilot, this programme aims to help you assess the structure of your hub site and its collaboration functionality. Its outcome can also be used to secure investment for a full SharePoint Online rollout.


  • Identification of the information architecture for pilot business areas
  • Demonstrating, educating and configuring pilot team sites with business areas
  • Completing a review session covering pilot feedback
  • Writing up and playing back recommendations for the larger rollout of SharePoint Online


Upon completion of your SharePoint Teams sites FastStart session, you will have one hub site and two Teams sites created and configured. You will also have your Teams sites associated with your hub site for adoption of branding and navigation. You will also complete a FastStart review session, which comes with next step recommendations from our experts.

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Knowledge Management FastStart


Our knowledge management FastStart programme will give you the tools you need to centralise and share approved content across your business.
It will help you establish publishing Portals for policies, procedures and approved company documentation. It will also help alleviate common documentation-related pain points among your people and teams. These include locating documents, accessing an efficient search function and gaining confidence in version control.


  • Demonstrating the capabilities of the portal
  • A workshop to scope your businesses’ and people’s requirements
  • Configuration of your knowledge management portal


The knowledge management FastStart programme will leave you with a knowledge management portal on your tenant. Our experts will also deliver the training your content creator needs to fully leverage your new processes and technologies.

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Smooth the way with business change and adoption

There is much more to deploying enterprise technology and making changes to your processes than switch-on. Before during and after, your people need to be prepared, involved and invested in all you do.

We’ll work with you to maximise value from your investments with a structured approach to preparation, user adoption and deployment.

Prepare for change with successful change management 
Prosci ADKAR Model

SharePoint Document Management FastStart


Fully appreciate and leverage the collaboration features of SharePoint with our document management FastStart. This programme will leave you with a full appreciation of how SharePoint Online can act as a complete document management system. It will also give you what you need to accelerate its setup within your business.


  • Gathering your requirements and outlining information architecture
  • Configuring a document management system within your businesses’ environment
  • Training for your people on how to use and manage your SharePoint Online document management system


As part of this FastStart programme, our experts will fully configure your SharePoint Online document management system and give your teams everything they need to use and manage it.

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SharePoint Communications FastStart


Enrol on our communications portal FastStart to master centralising and broadcasting useful content across your business. This programme will enable you to create a single integrated digital workspace for communications, function sites and searching.

Through it, you will create a pilot for a communications portal and upgrade your existing portal with the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Gathering requirements and mapping information architecture
  • Configuring a communications portal tailored to your needs as a business
  • Delivering training for your content creators


You will come away from this FastStart programme with a communications portal configured on your tenant. You content creators will also be fully trained and confident in the use and maintenance of your new portal.

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Bid Centre FastStart


Effectively capture and track all opportunities and bids in a central platform with bid centre FastStart. This programme outlines the capabilities of a bids centre on SharePoint online.

Working alongside our experts, you will gain an understanding of how your bid centre can be integrated with Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft Teams and Power Automate. You will also learn how to centralise all bid information in a single location.

This will assist your business in streamlining your bids and opportunities capturing process. Making it as concise, efficient and user-friendly as possible.


  • Outlining your requirements and understanding your existing bids processes
  • Documenting an information architecture workbook
  • Configuring your bids centre with regular updates to the business
  • Training in the use and management of your newly optimised bid centre


The bids centre FastStart will give your business all it needs to establish a central location for all bids and opportunities. Upon completion, the system will be ready to use, fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate and you will receive our review and further recommendations for best practice.

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Forms and Workflow FastStart


Forms and workflow FastStart can help you digitalise collecting, storing and managing your form-based data.

This FastStart programme is ideal for business planning a move from hard copy, paper-based data capture to using Microsoft 365 applications.

We can help you plan the implementation of consistent methods of central storage and data management. Additionally, this FastStart session can equip you with the knowledge to automate tasks such as item assignment and status changes.


  • Requirements workshop
  • An analysis of your process and stakeholder activities
  • A three-phase iterative process configuration


Following your forms and workflow FastStart sessions, your technical processes will be redesigned and your forms and workflow solutions outlined. You will also receive admin and user training documentation to assist with implementation and maintenance.

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Content+Cloud is the UK’s leading FastTrack-ready Microsoft 365 Partner

We’re one of a few authorised Microsoft 365 partners that can support organisations with FastTrack implementations and migrations. What does this mean? We’re able to manage any Microsoft FastTrack resources directly for you, so you have one central project manager, who directly controls all resources within your migration project.

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