Microsoft Teams Voice services for seamless cloud calling

Microsoft Teams Voice services from Content+Cloud will give you structured, expert guidance to help you leverage the advantages of cloud-based calling within Teams, Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration hub.

From finding you the right calling plan to assisting with technical and cultural change, we’ll ensure your Microsoft Teams calling deployment is smooth and seamless. You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of flexible, scalable and secure cloud telephony, supported by our leading Teams expertise.

Microsoft Teams calling answers your business challenges

Telephony has long been a critical part of organisations’ communication capability, connecting them to their users and employees to each other. But today’s ways of working require you to think differently about your phone system.

With the emergence of hybrid working, more and more employees traditionally based in your office may now work remotely. You may have switched to this model recently, perhaps at speed during the pandemic. Are you getting the most from this for your employees? How has this affected the service you offer your customers?

You might be expanding, downsizing or consolidating, and are now being held up by the inflexibility in your existing phone system. You may even have decided on moving your calling into the cloud but simply don’t know where to start.

Helping you transform communications with Microsoft Teams Voice services

At Content+Cloud we offer Microsoft Teams Voice services to suit all types of organisation, from dispersed workforces to busy call centres. We’re able to provide a full spectrum of consultancy and support, from design and delivery to SIP trunks and data centres, and ongoing managed services – giving you one provider for all your needs.


Reduce costs and complexity

Switching to Microsoft Teams calling can reduce the costs and complexity of unified communications in your organisation. Businesses that switch to a cloud-based phone system can save, on average, 30–50% on their current phone costs. What’s more, there are no Microsoft set-up costs or lengthy installation processes.


Break free from constraints

Teams and Teams Voice remove the constraints of older on-premises private branch exchange (PBX) systems and chat solutions. As everything’s based in the cloud, you can easily scale up and down to meet the changing requirements of your business, without spending more on equipment. You can even keep your existing voice numbers if you wish.


Microsoft Teams configured to your needs

We’ll help you get more from your deployment than just video calling, giving you a fully integrated experience for your users. We’ll assist with your Microsoft Teams Voice configuration and connect with Microsoft 365’s productivity and business applications to enable hybrid working and external collaboration, all to the highest standards of governance and security.

Flexible and powerful voice solutions through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams calling brings a range of powerful features to your unified communications mix. Depending on your plan, you can benefit from greater flexibility, ease of deployment and simpler upgrades.

Here are just a few of the advantages Microsoft Teams Voice solutions bring.

Simple set-up

To get started with calling in Microsoft teams, you just need a calling plan or direct route and a telephone number. You may need to buy additional licences, depending on your current Microsoft 365 plan.

You can move from a standard phone system to a VoIP system by integrating it with your existing PBX, or connect Microsoft Teams Voice through your existing public switched telephone network, allowing you to extend connectivity to landlines. And if you want to keep your existing telephone number, you can do that too.

Advanced telephony

Microsoft Teams calling gives you a phone system that meets the needs of modern business. Depending on your plan, you can take advantage of features such as auto attendant, cloud voicemail, dial tones, call queues, direct routing and audio conferencing.

And calling in Microsoft Teams makes life easy for your employees. Contacts, groups, contacts, favourites, call history and quick calling are all a click away.

Audio conferencing 

You can connect people from any place easily with the audio conferencing capabilities of Microsoft Teams. All they need to join is a mobile device, Teams and your global dial-in number.

Licences for audio conferencing within Microsoft Teams are available for an increasing number of countries – with interactive voice response in many languages and dialects.

Device flexibility

How you call in Microsoft Teams is really up to you. With a headset or simply the speaker in their laptop/PC, your employees can make and receive calls without the need for a desk phone, wherever they’re based.

However, you can also use your existing phones – a number of Cisco, Poly, Yealink and AudioCode will work with Teams Voice – and Teams devices to connect.

Easier meetings and follow-up

A call in Teams can quickly be turned into a video meeting, with screen-sharing making it easy to present.

Call recording and cloud-powered AI with voicemail transcription, inline chat translation, and real-time in-meeting captioning mean you need never miss a detail again.

Secure, compliant and reliable

Teams brings the highest levels of security with two-factor authentication, single sign-on through Active Directory and data encryption. GDPR compliant, it not only comes with a range of compliance features but can also be connected to partner compliance recording solutions.

You can also rest assure of Teams’ reliability: its 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by a financial level agreement, load-balancing and built-in redundancy.

Contact centre capabilities

Contact centre integration within Teams enables you to connect to your preferred solution.

You’ll be able to offer every customer a personalised experience, all managed efficiently from one place.

Management, reporting and analytics

You can monitor, analyse and manage your voice calling from the Microsoft 365 admin console within Teams.

You’ll be able to view usage, provision users, assign phone numbers, and port existing numbers all from one central place.

Scalable and futureproof

As Teams is hosted in the cloud, you can scale up or down quickly and with minimal disruption to your operations and customers.

And when important upgrades are issued by Microsoft, or new features become available that can help your services evolve, you’ll be able to adopt them easily and without drain on your resources.

What sets us apart as a Microsoft Teams Voice services partner

Content+Cloud is the only Microsoft Partner to be able to offer you a complete end-to-end solution for Microsoft Teams calling.

But that’s not all. We have some of the foremost experts and MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) with experience in Microsoft voice solutions. You can rely on the highest-quality advice from the people who know Microsoft best.

Talk to us about your communications transformation 
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How our Microsoft Teams Voice services will help you

At Content+Cloud we can help you with all aspects of Microsoft Teams Voice configuration, deployment, management and adoption, from basic deployments to tailored solutions for more complex requirements.

Here are some of the typical elements we offer to our clients to help them get the most from cloud-based telephony with Microsoft.

Readiness assessment

You may be eager to get started with Microsoft Teams Voice, but you should first be sure that your network will be able to deliver the reliability required for real-time communications.

We can help you identify the strain points that might compromise call quality and recommend solutions. Our free Teams Voice value assessment is a great place to start.

Plan selection

Microsoft Teams calling is available across a range of packaged and bespoke plans to suit all needs, from domestic calling to global coverage. Microsoft Business Voice offerings are available for 300 users or less, and enterprise licensing is open to customers with Enterprise Microsoft 365 licenses.

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements then recommend the best calling plan or direct routing solution for you.

Call centre functionality

If you’re looking to deploy Microsoft Teams Voice calling in a call-centre environment, we can help you integrate with your existing solutions, such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and web and mobile chat apps.

We’ll bring your most critical functionality into Teams, accessible directly from the Teams app.

Compliance and recording

Teams is rich in features for recording calls and meetings. It also allows you to stipulate recording policies, integrate third-party solutions and manage how calls are recorded and stored.

Whatever your recording requirements, we can help you configure Teams Voice to ensure compliant, high-quality capture.

Change and adoption

We believe that successful change is 20% about the technology, 80% about people. That’s why we offer additional services in planning, communications and training, helping you to create business cases, convince stakeholders and drive the desire to change.

With expertise in Adoption and Change Management, we’ve got the expertise to help you ensure your people embrace new ways of working.

Ongoing support

Whether you’re already using Teams and Teams Voice or are soon to deploy, we can offer a fully managed service to support you.

Our service includes investigation and management of call quality issues, implementation of user and service requests, usage reports and a Managed Meeting Rooms service.

Get global coverage with Sipcom HALO Platform

If you have a global footprint or have ambitions to do so, you’ll need unparalleled global coverage. We can provide this through our Sipcom HALO Platform, giving you phone numbers in more than 120 countries.

HALO’s scalable cloud architecture can be fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and market-leading VoIP platforms and CRMs.

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